Sublord of 2nd Cusp Placement and Results

2nd cusp sublordIn Krishnamurthi Paddathi, Sublord of 2nd cusp details placement and results

1. To find whether one speaks the truth, if his second cusp sub lord is Mars — untruth and mischievous. If it is Saturn he hides some news. If it is Mercury, will give detailed information. If he is Venus, he is peacemaker. If sun—will never lie and be a noble. If it is Jupiter—tells the truth always.

2. If the sub of the 2nd cusp is Mars or in the star of Mars, he will be spendthrift. If he is Saturn he will be very economical and will not give money easily.

3. TO CHEAT OTHERS: -The 2nd cusp sub lord should be deposited in the stars owned by significators of 6th and 10th houses, and connected to Saturn and Mercury in some manner by conjunction or aspect with the sub lord of the 2nd cusp.

4. As the 2nd house indicates the speech, if the 2nd cusp sub lord is either Kethu or Rahu and posited in a mute sign, and the 2nd cusp also should rise in the star of a planet, that owns a mute sign

5. As you know that the 2nd house controls speech, finance, family and family members like increase of children etc., if the sub lord of the II cusp signifies 5th and 11th predict birth of child; if it signifies 7th and 11th, predict marriage; 6th only, he will borrow money and incur debts; 7th only gets money by public contacts and contracts. If it signifies 6th and 11th, there is success in litigation or getting promotion in service. If it signifies 6th and 1st it shows borrowing money due to ill health; if it is 7th and 10th shows lucrative income through business is promised. If it signifies 7th and bhadhaka sthana—predict death is nearing.

6. II marriage to be predicted, if the 2nd cusp sub lord is well connected to 7th will have 2nd marriage. If connected to only to the 11th house, one will keep a keep for enjoyment. The 7th house indicates the marriage in legal way. The 11th house indicate ones attachment to other woman or man by friendship, and not permanent tie.

7. If star lord to the 12th house, which also is vacant, connects the 2nd cusp sub lord there will be defect in eye. If the same is connected to the 2nd house, or if Sun or Moon are connected to the 2nd & 12th, it is sure that the native have defect in both eyes. If the sub lord of the 2nd cusp is connected to the 8th house, the right eye is defective. If Rahu or Kethu are connected to the II bhava through some source, one will certainly have eye defect, during Rahu or Kethu dhasa periods.

8. If the sub lord of the 2nd cusp is in the star of a depositor in 6th or 11th, indicates very good financial status for him. If the star lord is deposited in 2nd or 10th, moderate affluence. If deposited at 3rd or 1st, he will have just satisfactory conditions prevail.

9. If the sub lord of the 2nd cusp be connected in any manner to the 11th house, then one may have secret connections with other’s wife other than his legal partner, provided if the 5th house significators are connected to the 2nd house also. Such an event’s timing for a native is to judge from 2nd-5th-and 11th house cusp sub lords and the significators of these houses. (In other words it indicates ones usage of other’s property also, such using others car, motor cycle, pen, text-books etc, etc.

10. If the sub lord of the 2nd cusp is Jupiter and signifies the 11th house, whatever he speaks is true and come pass (VAAKSUDDHI). If it is Mars, he is argumentative and authoritative. If it signifies the 8th, it indicates quarrelsome nature in his speech. If it is Venus and signifies 11th and 5th, one mix sex matters and about ladies in speech invariably in all his talks. If the sub lord of the 2nd cusp is SATURN, one behave hide & seek and jugglery of words while speaking, even though the matter is genuine.

11. If the sub lord of the 2nd cusp, becomes a significator to the 2nd and 11th or by conjunction with either of the significators of the 2nd or 11th, and in a key post, he will get money in a secret way or under the table in his transactions.

12. If sublord of 2nd cusp or 7th lord are afflicted by Ketu, the person will stammer to speak