Ayurvedic cure for Anaemia

Anaemia cureAnaemia is reduced level of haemoglobin in blood. It may be due to improper intake of food, malnutrition, excessive loss of blood, worm infections.
Red blood cells gets reduced or their production becomes slower than normal which leads to symptoms such as black spots on skin, dark circles under eyes, loss of hair on scalp and face, lack of vitality, frequent depression, fatigue, excess sleep and laziness, memory loss, absent mindedness etc.
In Ayurveda it is described as “Paandu”.

  • Leaves of spinach help in the formation of haemoglobin and blood cells and in the prevention of anaemia.
  • Almonds are rich in copper, which improves the formation of haemoglobin. Taking 2-3 almonds every day for three months, cures anaemia.
  • Taking a cup of curd with jaggery relieves anaemia Honey is remarkable for building haemoglobin in the body.
  • 2-3 spoons of honey in a glass of water in the early hours is beneficial.
  • Ingredients : Tomato : 50 gm, Carrot : 50 gm, Beet root : 10 to 20 gm, Lemon : 1 No., Candy sugarĀ  : 150 gm, Honey : 50 gm
    Method : Extract juice of tomato, carrot, beet root and filter the same. Add candy sugar powder to it and prepare thick syrup on SIM flame only. Add honey and lemon to the above and store in a bottle.
    Usage: 1 to 2 spoons with one glass water along with a little fresh lemon juice. If blood is less, use 3 times a day.
    The bi-product remaining after juice is extracted can be used for face pack.
    Benefits: Anaemia problem subsides, skin glows and face complexion increases.
  • Apple Juice with honey will generate new blood daily.
  • Ingredients : Dry grapes : 20, Anjeer/Anjur (Figs): 2 Nos, Dry kharjur (dry dates) : 1 No
  • Method : Wash the above and soak in half glass water over night. Early in the morning chew the soaked dry fruits one by one and drink the soaked water. Do not eat breakfast/food till one hour.
    Benefits:Depression and dark circles below eyes, depression of cheeks will be eliminated and blood will increase.