Ayurvedic treatment for Cholesterol Control and Obesity Reduction

lower cholesterol ayurvedaAyurveda suggests natural home made vegetarian recipes for lowering cholesterol, reducing and controlling obesity.
Ayurvedic treatment for cholesterol control and Fat reduction include oil massages and vegetable diet

Ayurvedic Recipes For reducing Obesity

Method 1 : Take 1/4 Liter mild water. Add 2 tea spoons of Ginger juice, 4 spoons of Honey. Add half spoon of roasted Cumin seed (Jeera) powder, half spoon of roasted Coriander seed (Dhaniya) powder to it.
Take this early in the morning before breakfast.

Method 2 : Uttareni(Prickly flower or Achyranthes aspera) Juice, Mustard oil, Flax oil, Sesame seed oil.
Take equal proportions of the above. Boil on low flame till uttareni juice is completely mixed up in it. You can store this oil in a glass bottle and reheat required quantity everyday.
Apply this warm oil on places where there is excess fat. This oil has a property of burning cholesterol and fat.
After proper massage with this oil, you will see sweat drops on skin.

Method 3 : Take handfull (25 gms) of horse grams. Boil them in water and take early in the morning before breakfast.

Method 4 : Jowar (Sorghum), Millet, Barley, Wheat, Bajra (pearl millet).
Mix them all and grind them to flour. Make rotis with this flour.

Vegetables to be taken : Bottle gourd , Snake gourd , Bitter gourd , Pumpkin, Turia or Ridge gourd .
Mix all vegetables, add turmeric powder and Saindhava Lavanam (Rock salt). Prepare curry with all these mixed vegetables and have it along with the rotis mentioned above.

These methods will 100% reduce fat and lower cholesterol levels in obese bodies.

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