Cluster Headache Natural Remedies

cluster headache natural remedies

Cluster Headache Natural Remedies in Ayurveda

Symptoms of Cluster Headache or Suryavartham
One sided headache or cluster headache is referred to as Suryavartham in Ayurvedam – A popular medical practice in India. This is different from migraine and sinus headaches.
This disease is basically related to nervous system. Early in the morning pain starts in the eye and spread in the head on one side. The pain increases from morning to after noon and decreases from noon to evening. If it’s not treated properly it will be continuing forever.

Causes of Cluster Headache or Suryavartham

The exact reasons for cluster headache are unknown. It is thought that the cause is release of Histamine and serotonin in brain. Men suffer more than women due to this headache.
It is hereditary in nature and usually occurs during adolescence and middle age. Few reasons might be :

  • Hot climate
  • Drugs and substance abuse
  • Intense Sun Light
  • Certain Medicines
  • Hereditary

Suryavartham or Cluster Headache Natural Remedies in Ayurveda

  • Powdered 2 grams of dried ginger and 2 grams of Kaempferia can be used as ointment in place of pain.
  • Paste either 2 grams of Indian Aloe (Musambaram) or 2 grams of Asafoetida
    or 2 grams of coriander with water and use as ointment in place of pain.
  • Paste one gram of garlic with curd and use on eye brows.
  • Grind 4 grams of cumin seeds, and mix with little lemon juice and keep in place of pain as band.
  • Drinking Coconut water helps in curing disease.
  • Use curd made of cow milk with rice as food in the morning. Taking this curd frequently reduces cluster headache.
  • One gram of crude potassium carbonate (Yavakshara or salt of tartar ) with 10 grams of ghee two to three times a day cures cluster headache.
  • Mix 2 grams of sulphur with juice of betel nut leaves and consume twice a day.
  • Mix 2 grams of crude potassium carbonate and some honey in madiphala rasayanam and
    consume twice a day.

Since it is life style effecting disease it should be treated immediately by qualified professional.