Constipation Ayurvedic Cure

constipation ayurvedic cureConstipation is caused by irregular diet and lack of proper physical exercises.
Constipation Ayurvedic Cure can be done in safe and natural ways using any one these recipes :

Recipe No.1:
Ginger juice : 2 spoons.
Honey : 2 spoons.
Castor Oil : 4 spoons
Mix all three and boil on low flame three times (till it boils up thrice).
Drink in warm condition early in the morning.
Three to four motions take place and constipation is removed.

Recipe No.2:
Sonti (dry ginger) : 10 gm (fry and make powder)
Pippali (long pepper) powder: 20 gm
Pepper powder : 30 gm
Mesua ferrea (Naaga kesara) powder : 40 gm
Biryani (Bay) leaf powder : 50 gm
Cinnamon powder : 60 gm
Elaichi (cardamom) powder : 70 gm
Candy sugar powder : 300 gm
Mix all ingradients and sive the powder. Store in a bottle.
1/4th to 1 spoon along with honey and little warm water.
All stomach problems get cleared. bad water, gas will be eliminated, belly reduces, all waste products in the body are eliminated.

Recipe No.3:
Sonti (dry ginger) powder : 20 gm
Pepper powder : 20 gm
Lemon juice : 20 gm (4 tea spoons)
Sugar : 20 gms.
Usage :
Add all constitents in half glass warm water and drink.
Appetite improves, hunger increases, digestion improves, all the three doshas (Vaata, Pitta, Kapha) are eliminated