Heart Diseases and Ayurvedic Preventions

Heart weakness and attacks were so uncommon in earlier days but now too many people are getting effected by them.
This is due to constant stress, strain, pressure to perform in education, life, career, unhealthy competition, over anxiety, jealousness, uncontrollable anger, lack of love between humans, excess consumption of tobacco, alcohol, hot liquids like tea, coffee, spicy and oily food, over indulgence in sexual talk or activities and not giving proper workout and rest to body.
Heart Attack and diseases Rules to follow to reduce heart diseases : –

  • Always use only brown and old rice or unpolished wheat to make flour.
  • Have fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits in plenty
  • Reduce consumption of roots grown underground like potatoes, beetroot, ground nuts, peas, carrot etc
  • Do NOT eat any cooked or re-heated food after sunset and before sunrise
  • Have coconut water every alternate day

DO NOT rules :-

  • Never have polished and new rice or wheat
  • Never use curd or yogurt
  • Reduce excess sweet, sour, spice in food and avoid pickles and masala
  • Use Cloves to control thirst or vomiting
  • Never try to stop natural call, cough, sneeze and gas release
  • Quit tobaco, alcohol, buffallo milk and chewing betel leaf(pan)

Food that will strengthen heart

Coconut, eggs, Amla, dry fruits, cardomom(elaichi), cinnamon, honey, black grape juice, pomegranate juice,turmeric in food, cloves, garlic, dry ginger, coriander seeds, cow milk.

Home Remedies for Heart Patients

  • Boil dry ginger in water and make thick syrup. Consume this syrup twice a day after food to reduce heart pain, to reduce cholesterol, indigestion, stomache ache and cough.
  • Collect lotus seeds from lake and make powder. Take 5gms of this powder with 1 spoon honey to strengthen heart and reduce asthma and also hiccups.
  • Dry ginger 20 gms powder and boil in 300 ml water till it boils down to 100 ml and then drink it every morning on empty stomach
  • Amla (indian gooseberry) powder 100gm and candy sugar 100 gms. Mix them and store. Twice a day after food have 5 gms of this powder
  • Mix cow milk with cooked brown rice and have during nights instead of yogurt or curd
  • Never have cold water or any cold beverage or wash face with cold water after sex or dinner or after coming into home from hot sun