Home treatment for Tinea Cruris or Jock Itch

tinea cruris or jock itchTinea cruris, also known as crotch itch, crotch rot, Dhobie itch, eczema marginatum, gym itch, jock itch, and ringworm of the groin in American English is a dermatophyte fungal infection of the groin region in either sex, though more often seen in males.

Jock itch occurs when a particular type of fungus grows and spreads in the groin area.
It occurs mostly in adult men and adolescent boys. It can sometimes accompany athlete’s foot and ringworm. The fungus that causes jock itch thrives in warm, moist areas.

Tinea cruris can be triggered by friction from clothes and prolonged wetness in the groin area, such as from sweating.
It may be contagious. It can be passed from one person to the next by direct skin-to-skin contact or contact with unwashed clothing.

Symptoms of Tinea Cruris

  • Itching in groin, thigh skin folds, or anus
  • Red, raised, scaly patches that may blister and ooze — The patches often have sharply-defined edges and are often redder around the outside with normal skin tone in the center
  • Abnormally dark or light skin

Home Treatment using Ayurvedic method for Tinea Cruris

Cassia Alata leaves
Jock itch usually responds to self-care within a couple of weeks:

  • Keep the skin clean and dry.
  • Don’t wear clothing that rubs and irritates the area.
  • ONETIME application of Cassia alata leaf extract(paste) over the infected regions will be enough to get rid of pityriasis versicolor for a maximum period of nine months.This establishes the therapeutic supremacy of
    Cassia alata leaf extract over the existing medicines. (Cassia alata, Linn., is used in the Indian system of medicine namely Ayurveda, siddha and unani. belongs to the family Caesalpiniaceae, R.Br. and is distributed mainly in tropics and subtropics.
  • Sans. – Dadrughna. Eng. – Ringworm shrub. Hind. & Ben. – Dadmurdan; Dadmari. Mah. – Dadamardana. Tel. – Sima avisi; Mettatamara. Tam. – Vendukolli; sheemai-agatti. Mal. – Seemagati. Can. – Sheemigida; Agase-gida. Kon. – Daddupana. Duk. – Dad-ka-patta; Vilayati-agati. Burm. – Maizali-gi.) This leaf’s extract can be applied to cure Pityriasis versicolor, Tinea corporis,Tinea cruris,and Tinea pedis.
  • If you cannot find above leaf in your area, you can pick up few neem leaves, make their paste with water and add some turmeric to it.
    Apply this paste+turmeric to the effected area and let it dry for atleast 2 hours.
    Do not wear any underwear and try to keep the infected area uncovered during this process of application and drying.

Jock itch usually responds promptly to treatment. It is often less severe than other tinea infections, but may last a long time.
Infection usually stays around the creases in the upper thigh and does not involve the scrotum or penis.
Jock itch may spread to the anus, causing anal itching and discomfort.

Do not scratch the infected area even if it is itchy.
Apply the above prescribed paste and wear only loose cotton pants or shorts during nights and keep the area dry and clean.

Complications of Tinea Cruris can be

  • Permanent change in the skin color of the area
  • Secondary bacterial skin infections

In above complicated conditions, treatment may be required for more weeks.

Prevention of Tinea Cruris or Jock Itch

  • Keep the groin area clean and dry.
  • Don’t wear clothing that rubs and irritates the area. Avoid tight-fitting and rough-textured clothing.
  • Wear loose-fitting underwear.
  • Wash athletic supporters frequently.
  • After bathing, apply antifungal or drying powders if you are susceptible to jock itch.