Natural Ayurvedic Contraceptive Methods

Instead of consuming chemical based contraceptives and polluting the entire reproductions system of a woman or going for risky and expensive abortions, these Ayurvedic safe methods can be used to avoid pregnancy.

Natural Ayurvedic Contraceptive Methods for Women

1. Take fresh castor seeds, break them, and you can find a white seed inside. Consume 1 seed within 72 hours.
This works as natural i-pill or contraceptive. Better eat 3 such seeds on 3 days of menstruation and it works for next 1 month.
Consuming 5 seeds for 5 continuos day works as permanent family planning operation and you will never concieve ever in lifetime.
This is good for women who think they had enough kids.

2. Dipping a piece of rock salt in sesame seeds oil and placing it in vagina for 100 seconds immediately after sex.
This should be done within 2-5 mins after sex to ensure sperm dies before reaching womb.

3. Dry pudina(mint) leaves, make then powder and store it.
Just before intercourse boil a glass of water and keep it ready
Within 5 minutes after intercourse water will be lukewarm and with it have 1 spoon of pudina powder.
It acts as natual contraceptive and women doesn’t get pregant.

4. Boil 500ml water with 50gm rocksalt in it and leave it aside.
After sex, within 5 minutes wash vagina deeply with this lukewarm salt water.
This will also kill the sperms.

5. The powder of long pepper, Embelia ribes, and lead oxide (Suhaga) in the dose of 1 gm along with milk, should be taken during menstrual periods, to avoid pregnancy for that month.

6. The paste of hibiscus flower along with starch taken during the first three days of menstruation acts as a contraceptive.

7. Take Rasanjanam (DARUHARIDRA or Berberis aristata),Haritaki(Terminalia chebula), Amla(Indian Gooseberry) in equal parts make powder and store.
If the day of menstruation is counted as first, take 5 gm of this powder with cold water from 4th day to 16th day. Conception will be prevented. To be done every month.

Any one method out of above seven, if properly followed works as natural contraceptive method.
They work only till your next menstruation period, so you need to repeat them every month and stop them whenever you wish to get pregnant.