Sesame Tree & Seeds, Home Remedies, Health Benefits

Sesame TreeSesame Tree home made medicinal applications, health benefits, curing urine problems, urinary incontinence, Kidney stones, Increasing dental stamina, relief from asthma, improving sexual stamina in men, eye problems, Stomatitis and mouth ulcers, bleeding piles
Sesame is a flowering plant and also called Benne. It is widely cultivated in tropical regions around the world for it’s edible seeds. India and china are the major contributors in the production of sesame seeds. These are domesticated well over 3000 years ago. It has highest oil contents of any seed, with rich and nutty flavor.
Many varieties of sesame seeds are available. It can trigger allergic reactions in some people.
It grows in areas that do not support the growth of other crops, in drought conditions and also is a robust crop that needs little
farming support. It is called a survivor crop.

Sesame seeds contains the lignans, sesamolin, sesamin, pinoresinol and lariciresinol. It includes vitamins, minerals, natural oils, organic compounds consisting of calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc,
fiber and protein. This is a common ingredient in various food items. Sometimes added to breads and the tops of hamburger buns.
They are baked into crackers in the form of sticks. Sesame seeds are frequently eaten on bread and also used in cakes. Sesame seeds are known as Nuvvulu in Telugu, Ellu in Tamil and Kannada, Til ke beez in Hindi, Tala in Gujarati, Zhima Zi in Chinese, grains de sesame in French.

In India sesame seeds are used as food, and an important item in most of the rituals. It is available in many varieties like red sesame, white sesame and black sesame. Taste is bitter, sweet and nutty.

Medicinal Applications of Sesame Tree and Seeds

  • For urinary incontinence and urine problems:
    Take equal quantities of sesame seeds, cotton seeds and deep fry them in a pan till it becomes ash.
    Mix well 1/4 tea spoon of this ash with 100 grams of curd and 20 grams of honey. Consuming this twice a day will give relief and solves the problem of free urination.
  • For dissolving stones in Kidney:
    Burn the dried sesame tree completely and collect the ash. Mix a pinch of this ash, spoonful of honey, one cup of milk and consume twice a day. This gradually dissolves the stones in kidneys and bladder.
  • For Dental Stamina:
    Chewing black sesame seeds well, eating them, and drinking cool water after this, twice a day increases dental stamina and also strength of the teeth. Sesame oil pulling will give same results.
  • For relief from Asthma:
    Take equal quantities of sesame seeds, long pepper(pippali), pepper, turmeric powder, grapes, jaggery, sanna rashtram and grind them together. Make small pills of this mix and consuming twice a day will cure from all types of asthma.
  • For improving Sexual Stamina in Men:
    Take slightly fried sesame seeds and make a powder of it. Mix this powder in jaggery syrup and make pills.
    Consuming these pills in food reduces over heat, cures eye diseases and improves sexual stamina for men.
  • For curing Eye Problems:
    Make a fine paste of black sesame seeds and apply on head as cream before taking bath. This gradually cures all types of eye diseases. It improves sight.
  • For Stomatitis and Mouth Ulcers:
    Take equal quantities of sesame seeds and candy sugar, and chewing them both together for 10 minutes reduces the problem of stomatitis and mouth ulcers.
  • For Bleeding Piles:
    Consuming the mix of Sesame seeds and butter twice a day will reduce bleeding and gradually cures piles