Tobacco useful as medicine

Tobacco leaves and dried powder can be used to cure many common health problems.
It will clean phlegm from throat, nostrils and lungs if its smoke is consumed limitedly.
Its powder can be consumed with water to cause free bowel movement.

For Burns : Make paste from fresh tobacco leaves and apply it on the burned part of the skin.Tobacco

Night Blindness : Fry tobacco leaves and make powder. Apply 0.25 gms of this powder in eyes before sleeping and nightblindness will be cured in 4-5 days.

First aid for snake bite : After stopping blood flow with a cloth tied above bitten part, take 50 gms tobacco leaves and make paste with 1 litre of water.
Filter the tobacco leaves paste and make the victim drink this water.
Victim will vomit the poison along with this liquid.
Apply the filtered paste on bitten wound and tie a cloth on it to minimise the effect of poison.

Knee Pains : Take 120 gms of tobacco and soak in 1 litre water.
Then squeeze those leaves and filter them.
For the remaining juice, take equal quantity of sesame seeds oil and add them.
Boil this mixture until all the water evaporates and only oil is left.
Store this oil in a glass bottle and use it under warm condition to massage knees daily.
This massage should be done twice a day and before the entire oil in bottle is used, knee pain will disappear.

Ear Problems : Take juice from tobacco leaves and use 3-4 drops in ear.
This will eliminate all ear and hearing related problems.

Tooth Powder : Make tobacco powder from dried leaves and fry it for 2-3 minutes along with equal quantity of black pepper seeds (powdered).
Use this mixed powder as tobacco tooth powder to cure all tooth aches, gum problems, cavities, yellow scaling on teeth, bleeding gums etc.

Coagulation (Blood Clotting) : Tobacco can be used as Coagulant (disambiguation) when its leaves paste is applied on wound.

Tobacco to cure dandruff and Alopecia Areata(Baldness) : Get good quality tobacco and make a powder of it.
Add coconut oil to it till tobacco powder is totally wet with oil.
Cloe the lid of container tightly and let the tobacco powder sink in for 2 days.
After 2 days, squeeze the tobacco well into the oil and then filter it.
Use this oil daily at nights as described above for Tripahala Churnam + Bhringaraj combination and this will erase all bacteria, fungus, dandruff etc on skin causing baldness.

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