Tridax procumbens (Daisy) to convert grey hair into black naturally

Tridax procumbens or Palakaaku in ayurvedaTridax procumbens is a species of flowering plant in the daisy family. It is best known as a widespread weed and pest plant. It is native to the tropical Americas but it has been introduced to tropical, subtropical, and mild temperate regions worldwide.

Its common names include coat buttons and tridax daisy in English, cadillo chisaca in Spanish, herbe caille in French, Jayanti veda in Sanskrit, ghamra in Hindi, Bishalya karani in Oriya, Kambarmodi in Marathi, Gaddi Chemanthi (గడ్డి చామంతి) in Telugu,Thata poodu in Tamil, and kotobukigiku in Japanese.

These leaves are used to blacken the white slates.
They can also convert grey hair into black color naturally.

Ingredients :

1. Tridax daisy leaves – 200 gms.
2. Eclipta Alba (Bhringraj) leaves – 200 gms.
3. Black sesame seeds oil – 200 gms.

Preparation :

1. Extract juice from tridax daisy and eclipta alba leaves and filter the leaves.

2. Mix these juices along with black sesame seeds oil.

3. Boil this mixture till all water from juices is evaporated and all the essence of these juices remain with only oil.

4. After the remaining oil cools off, store it in a bottle.

Usage :

Every night before sleep, take some oil (depening on quantity of your hair) and warm it.
Now apply this luke warm oil on your scalp with your fingers gently, so that it sinks into the roots of hair follicles.
Wash your scalp with any ayurvedic shampoo (with pH level almost zero) or shikai juice in the morning.

Note : This method works for people who have pre-mature greying of hair.
Also you need to take lot of iron and protein in your diet and also keep your head, phlegm free.
Apart from this oil and diet, try Kapalbhati pranayama and Asanas for curing premature greying and hairfall for quicker and long lasting results.