Important Vaastu Tips

Ideal Vaastu

  • Plant small shrubs in North/East side to allow beneficial morning sunlight
  • The over head tank should be contructed in Southwest of the property
  • The size of the deity in the worship place should not be more than 10″
  • Put a pendulum wall clock near the study table for better concentration
  • The mirror should not be placed in front of the bed
  • Pregnant females should avoid Southeast rooms
  • One must buy only square/rectangle property
  • Furniture pattern of all the rooms should be changed regularly
  • Avoid blue colour in the kitchen
  • Worship space should not be made in bedroom
  • Never have a undressed stone wall in the house/office area
  • Keep a glass full of water on the table for better concentration
  • There should not be any mirror in front of the bed
  • The main door should not be directly in front of the bathroom door
  • One should never sleep on wrought iron/metal bed
  • One should not plant thorny trees like cactus in the house
  • The houses facing the T-point should be avoided
  • The maximum no. of windows should be made on East/North wall
  • The main door should never make creaky voice
  • In the kitchen, the cooking gas & the washing sink should be maximum apart
  • Evaporate camphor crystals regularly in the bedrooms
  • One must face North/East while worshipping for better devotion
  • There should not be any broken glass or mirror in the house
  • Never sleep with your head towards NORTH
  • There should not be three doors in a line
  • Never sit or sleep under the beam
  • Stairs should be clock wise with odd no of steps

Do’s & Don’ts

Vastu is an inherent energy concept of science. We cannot see energy with our naked eyes but we can realize and see its application in different forms and fashions. Universe is one of the beautiful creations of nature and everything stands alive only in the limelight of truth. Just like every subject of human aspect is governed with rules, regulations & acts, similarly the nature has also got certain key factor principles for smooth governing of its residents, in which “Vastu stands for nature law” and ignorance of law is not an excuse anywhere. Here are some of the basic rules that everyone should follow
  • Total number of doors should be in even numbers i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 etc.
  • Pregnant females should avoid Southeast rooms
  • A plot with all corners 90 degrees having two sides road front and back is a good plot.
  • The open space left in North and east should be more than South and West.
  • The maximum construction should be done in South, West and southwest portion of the plot.
  • A pond or a water body should be placed in Northeast corner of the house.
  • A house should be designed in such a way so that there is maximum entry of sunlight and proper cross ventilation.
  • The entire opening should be made on the North and East Side of the house.
  • Trees of any kind should not be grown in eastern or northern, northeast directions.
  • Only small plant can be grown in North, east, Northeast.
  • The hearth or oven must be arranged in eastern southeast direction of the entire house, in such a way that the person cooking faces east.
  • The shadow of any tree should not fall on the house.
  • Pictures of any war scenes, demons, one in anger should not be placed in the house.
  • The slope of the property should be from West to east or South to north.

Nowadays we hear a lot about the importance of ecology, pollution – free environment, nature and all in big seminars and conferences. Our ancestors knew the secret of how to live in perfect harmony with nature and enjoy all that it bestows in plenty for the upliftment of mankind.

In the end I would like to say that you cannot become a doctor by reading books neither you can become architect by reading the books, similarly you can not become a vastu shastri by simply reading this and other sites and you should never try the remedies without proper knowledge and must consultant some Vastu advisor.