6 Planets influence AQUARIUS & LEO in February 2017

Aquarius six planets february 2017Four Planets, Venus, Mercury, Ketu and Moon will be conjunct in Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) during last week of February 2017.
While two of them (Sun and Ketu) are already together, Mercury will be joining on 22 February at 17:13 IST and remain in same sign till 01:14 IST on 11 March 2017.
Moon will be joining them on 25 February at 19:08 IST for next 3 days.
Rahu in Leo (Simha Rasi) and Saturn in Sagittarius (Dhanus Rasi) will be aspecting this cluster of planets in Aquarius during this month.
Peak effects of this cluster of planets can be experienced around Solar Eclipse on 26 February 2017.
This causes a tremendous pull in work environment, competitions, examinations, existing partnerships, marriages, love, new relationships, business & joint projects.

People born under Aquarius Moon Sign (Kumbha Rasi) and Ascendant (Lagna) will be effected most, while Leo will face severe opposition and legal issues.
For these two signs, plans made earlier will fail and upsets can be experienced.
Decisions taken by higher authorities, governments, courts can go against them.
Difference of opinion with elders, frequent arguments at home, irregular diet, health upsets are also possible.
Those who are already suffering from cold, asthma, low blood pressure, skin diseases, STDs should be more careful during this period.

As Mercury enters Aquarius on 22 February, it becomes easier to solve problems. Don’t be afraid to come up with new ideas, even if they are a little shocking or unconventional.
Mercury and Sun sextile Saturn is a good time to take care of all practical details and routine communications.
Mars opposes Jupiter and this aspect can make you overconfident. You can feel that nothing can possibly go wrong. It can. Look before you leap.

Impact of this conjunction and Solar Eclipse will last for next 2 months.
World economy also gets effected by this combination. Economy of asian countries like India, Pakistan, China, Japan will go down for few weeks.
Few countries in Middle-East will suffer from internal war and terrorism.
Rahu can cause suicide attacks and bomb blasts in european aand asian countries.
USA will experience public shootouts in cities.
New targets of terrorism and immigrants will be Canada, Australia and few ex-peaceful countries of Europe.

Influence of 6 Planets Cluster in February 2017 on 12 Moon Signs

Aries : Financial position will improve. Pressures at work will ease and you can have a holiday for yourself.
However, health of mother will be a cause of concern.
Mind will cleared from disturbing thoughts but you need stay away from people of dubious nature.
Best time to expand social circle and make new online friends.

Taurus : Health of a father will bother you. Transfer to a new place is possible for some of you and it would be refreshing to spend time without much responsibilities.
However, pressure at work will continue. Watch your expenses.

Gemini : Communication from long distance can bring some hope about future.
However, this month is not right time to commit into a new relationship or job.

Cancer : You will worry without any concrete reason.
There will be a sense of dissatisfaction at work. Life will appear to be too routine and boring.
Some of you will contemplate about travelling long distance and take a break from work.
Health of a family member needs your attention.

Leo : Confusions, contradictions at work and chaos in family. Nervous weakness, vitamin deficiency, insomnia will effect your overall health.
Avoid all confrontations and maintain a low profile this month.
There will be severe opposition from all sides.

Virgo : Good time to expand your social circle and increase reputation.
There will be few sleepless nights but all that is due to your anxiety and imaginative problems.
Health of a child will keep you worried.

Libra : Children will oppose your ideas. There can be a split or mental seperation from loved ones.
Moments of loneliness will make you recollect past mistakes.

Scorpio : There will be some improvement in work and flow of money.
Health of mother and child will keep you anxious.
Change of plans, teams will work in your favour. If you are into real estate or construction, there will be some delay in execution of plans.

Sagittarius : Confidence levels will increase, when compared to past.
However, decisions taken will lack support from family and friends.
You may want to move your job or business to a new place and this should be the right month.
Pressure of debts will increase.

Capricorn : There will be some serious opposition to your deeds from family members.
Health of spouse needs your attention.
Act as a miser when shopping. There can be some skin allergies.

Aquarius : Health should be your top most priority.
Nervous weakness, insomnia, indigestion, allergies, joint pains, migraines can occur.
Future of your family will keep you worried.
You will strongly oppose actions of your spouse, but it is better not to express anything orally.

Pisces : This month will be test for your mental resolution and control over wallet.
Cash flow will be less, but you will be tempted to spend without worrying about future.
As second half of March is more favourable financially, postpone all your expenses.
You will worry about how to regulate your sleeping hours and maintain a strict routine.
Mind will wobble between YES and NO in many issues.