Mars Effects in Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara (2017-18)

mars hevilambi nama samvatsara 2017-18Mars is the is the King for Vedic New Year Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara (2017-18) and also Rasadhipati (controls beverages etc.).
yuddha kaarakO kuja@h, which means that Kuja (Mangal or Mars) cause war.
Conflicts and border issues between many countries will increase.
India will have more conflicts with Pakistan, than China. Opposition parties will try to exploit every possible situation, that is against government.
Majority of National Media will also act anti-national. Decisions taken by government will appear to be tough on country, but can yield better results in long term.
Both armies will lose soldiers. Terrorists can come in disguise of military uniform. Few Policemen will be shotdown by terrorists and their bodies can be recovered later, or this news comes out late.

Demonetisation side effects will be seen by India this year. Necessary commodities will enter Black market.
Prices will be uneven and cannot be controlled by government.
Caste, Religion will decide jobs, government contracts.
Terrorists will possess advanced weapons than army and police. Few politicians and officials will lose their positions because of their greed.
Rapes on women will increase. No law can save them.
alcoholism will increase and more cases of Gastroenterology will be registered.
Education will be for sale and corporate schools, colleges will dictate terms.
Weapons deals by India will be criticised.

More drugs will be imported and Narcotics department will be kept busy.
Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kashmir, Nepal, Pakistan can have a severe earthquake.
Jammu and Kashmir can experience unusual high temperatures.
RAW and Intelligence departments can fail to decode ISIS plots in Indian states like Kashmir, Kerala, Bengal.
Hyderabad city can once again become target of Terrorists.
Pakistan will become almost isolated internationally.

USA and its allies will be blamed by Russia for situation in Syria.
Cyber crime, robberies, kidnaps, murders, rapes will increase in many countries.
Protests against Donald Trump will increase and this can lead to political instability.
Public shootouts will increase in many american cities.
Pakistan government can be taken over by Army.
China’s open support to terrorists will be exposed. USA policies will backfire.
North Korea President Kim Jong-un will become a threat to many countries.

MARS in Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara (2017-18) causes flight accidents and death of famous personalities.