Effects of Venus transits in 2013-14

venus transit effects in 2013-14Due to its ownership and transit at the start of hindu new year (Vijaya Nama Samvatsara) in 2013-14, Venus will cause new diseases especially to women.
Pregnencies and abortions will increase.
Love marriages, especially inter-caste, inter-religious, inter-racial will increase and so will be divorce rate.

Women will get more laws written in their favor, which will only lead their misuse.
Number of suicides will increase along with psychological problems.
More sexual assaults on women will be registered this year.

Women will get more politically powerful and grab high positions.

Usage of contraceptive pills and other methods to prevent pregnancy without proper prescriptions will increase.

Prices of sugar, oils, honey etc will increase along with dairy products.
New hybrid flower species will be developed and cultivated.

Farmers will cultivate fruits like mangoes along with drugs.

Chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides etc will be used as bombs and destructive weapons.
People in responsible positions will get exposed in scams due to greed of money or women.

Fake babas will increase. Even after many are being exposed by media, people will continue to believe in new babas and gurus.
Scams will continue in temples and other religious places.
In many countries, people will turn towards religion and spirituality to find answers for their problems.

Few movies will become controversial for their content and censor board in india will be blamed for their decisions.
Eunuchs will become united and attack on others in few cities.