Mars Exalted in Capricorn during November – December 2016, Effects

Mars in Capricorn (Makara Rasi) during 01 November -11 December 2016, influenced by Saturn, Jupiter, Venus. Vedic Astrology Effects on moon signs, politics, war, USA, Pakistan, China, India, ISIS, terrorism, middle-east etc.
Mars enters Capricorn on 01 November 2016 at 05:16 IST and stays in same exalted sign till 11 December 2016, 15:38 IST.
This period bring major political changes across the globe.
mars exalted in capricorn

New president for USA will be elected, Pakistan will face threatening situation both from China and USA but will try to put up a bold face, ISIS activities will spread to more countries (Mars aspects Rahu causing bombings and suicide attacks), Russia will continue to threaten USA, more countries will invest in upgrading their military power.
Mars controls blood, RBC in blood, hemoglobin, siblings, energy flow in nerves, boldness, aggressivness, ability to command, mineral content in the body, fixed assets like lands, real estate, wars, police, military, spy network, bone marrow, gyms, martial arts, sports, body building, decisiveness etc.

Mars usually takes 18 to 24 months to complete a full transit through all 12 signs of the zodiac and last time it was exalted during November 2014 – January 2015.
But present transit will have Mars will be conjunct Venus for few days and aspected by Saturn, Jupiter.

Mars is action oriented planet and commander-in-chief in the Sun’s cabinet. It gives us ability to take initiative, aggressive decisions and perform actions within its control.
MARS gets exalted in Capricorn (Makara Rasi), where all above significations will brighten up and yield positive results.
Exalted Mars aspected by Jupiter will try to do justice to those in businesses like real estate, mining, public administration, judiciary, hospitals.
Also Saturn in Mars owned sign Scorpio aspects exalted Mars which causes some bloodshed, accidents, war situations across few borders, impurities in blood or bone diseases for few (if they have saturn mars conjunctions or aspects in their personal horoscope).
Few minor and major injuries are possible to sports persons.
There will be improved interested among people for sports and other fitness activities.
This is the best time to start a fresh routine of workout, lose weight and follow balanced diet to get back in shape.
During first week of December 2016, Venus will also enter Capricorn to cast their minor influence on Mars.
This is when Mars gets to his highest position of exaltation (28 degrees in Capricorn), on 08 December 2016.
But the most powerful position for Mars will be during first week of November 2016 and again during 14-18 November.

Effect of Mars Exalted in Capricorn on 12 Moon Signs between 01 November – 11 December 2016

Aries : Expect some financial relief and improved health. However, karmic debts will still force you at work.
Work load can make you tired and cause sleep at odd times. Health of an elder person in family can cause some worry.
You might want to try many things but will endup doing only few.

Taurus : Problems with opposite gender can cause some sleepless nights.
Mistakes done in past will comeback to haunt you. Health of father or an elder person needs your attention.
Eat less spicy food and reduce alcohol consumption to avoid indigestion.

Gemini : Recovery from past injuries possible. However, new injuries can occur.
Avoid new loans for next 2 months. Drive carefully and stay away from new love affairs.

Cancer : Health of partner will cause some concern. Motivation and driving force will be less.
Bad time to invest in stocks and speculation.

Leo : First precaution would be to slow down your driving speed as Mars and Saturn aspect your sign.
Blood defects, body pains will be frequently experienced but you can overcome them with proper care.
Your leadership qualities will be appreciated and this is best time for some spiritual and religious activities.

Virgo : Avoid speculation. Injury to sports persons possible.
You will be worried about future of children. Politicians can face a challenging period.

Libra : Do not drive any new vehicle. Health of mother can cause worries.
Domestic bliss can be experienced but someone you never liked, can either be hospitalized or pass away.

Scorpio : Money, which was stuck for past few weeks will now start flowing.
Travel to a religious place can provide you much needed break and peace of mind.
Monetary gains may not be upto the level of expectations. Siblings can create few issues.

Sagittarius : Tough and challenging period continues.
Debts will be cleared partially. Mind will not cooperate and judgement will remain clouded.
Blood pressure levels need to monitored frequently.

Capricorn : You will be made center of all social activities and kept busy for next 2 months.
An event will be organized under your supervision and guidance. Pilgrimage with family can bring some satisfaction.
You will be approaced by friends and relatives for advice.

Aquarius : This is best time to get into a relation with some foreign business and you will be busy.
If you neglect health now, it would be very difficult to cope up with challenges.
Your judgement will be questioned, so better rely on experienced persons for major decisions.

Pisces : Best time to build your bank balance as increased opputunities at work will keep you busy and also create enough financial oppurtunities.
Also you will re-initiate few activities and projects which were deferred in past due to lack of cooperation from others or lack of ideas.
Your family, father and younger siblings will cooperate well.
Fame will increase again due to your innovative and unmatchable talent.
Travel to a holy place will provide much needed break and prove to be fruitful.