Mars Exalted in Capricorn during November 2014 – January 2015, Effects

Mars enters Capricorn on 27 November 2014 at 09:43 IST and stays in same exalted sign till 04 January 2015, 22:45 IST.
Mars controls blood, RBC in blood, hemoglobin, siblings, energy flow in nerves, boldness, aggressivness, ability to command, mineral content in the body, fixed assets like lands, real estate, wars, police, military, spy network, bone marrow, gyms, martial arts, sports, body building, decisiveness etc.
Mars usually takes 18 to 24 months to complete a full transit through all 12 signs of the zodiac and last time it was exalted during December 2013 – January 2014.
But present transit will have Mars aspected by Saturn and exalted Jupiter.
mars exalted in capricorn

Mars is action oriented planet and commander-in-chief in the Sun’s cabinet. It gives us ability to take initiative, aggressive decisions and perform actions within its control.
MARS gets exalted in Capricorn (Makara Rasi), where all above significations will brighten up and yield positive results.
Exalted Jupiter and Mars aspecting each other directly will do justice to those in businesses like real estate, mining, public administration, judiciary, hospitals.
Also Saturn in Mars owned sign Scorpio aspects exalted Mars which causes some bloodshed, accidents, war situations across few borders, impurities in blood or bone diseases for few (if they have saturn mars conjunctions or aspects in their personal horoscope).
Few minor and major injuries are possible to sports persons.
There will be improved interested among people for sports and other fitness activities.
This is the best time to start a fresh routine of workout and balanced diet to get back in shape.
During last week of December 2014 and early 2015, Venus and Mercury will also enter Capricorn to cast their minor influence on Mars.
This is when Mars gets to his highest position of exaltation (28 degrees in Capricorn), on 02 January 2015.

Effect of Mars Exalted in Capricorn on 12 Moon Signs between 27 November 2014 – 04 January 2015

Aries : Best time to start higher studies or research. Health will be good and spiritual activity will increase.
There will be few situations where you might want to get into arguments with your superiors, colleagues, family members but the best way to deal is by keeping your cool, controlling temperment and maintaining a friendly smile.
Be careful while driving, crossing roads, playing sports.

Taurus : Expenditure will increase and if you do not plan finances properly, your bank balance and credit limit will go low.
Do not invest in any new ventures even if you find an oppurtunity or suitable partner.
Drive carefully keep your vehicle in proper condition.
Eat less spicy food and reduce alcohol consumption to avoid indigestion.

Gemini : Sudden oppurtunities and gains mixed with sudden confrontations will happen. Your tact, proper choice of words while speaking can handle tricky situations well.
Some hidden fears will resurface.

Cancer : Positive changes in work will keep you excited but it is important to have a balanced head and feet firmly grounded.
This is best time to invest in any new venture, stock market.
Controlling impulsive behaviour, seeking advice from experienced elders would help.

Leo : First precaution would be to slow down your driving speed as Mars and Saturn aspect your sign.
Blood defects, body pains will be frequently experienced but you can overcome them with proper care.
Your leadership qualities will be appreciated and this is best time for a long distance pilgrimage.

Virgo : This is best time to perform a religious ceremony at home. You might want to get deep into eveything you do but it is better to avoid or postpone such ideas.
Your workload and time will be properly balanced but results will not be satisfactory.

Libra : Domestic bliss, gains through properties, cordial relations with spouse or partner will be experienced but health will not be good.
This is best time to try and find a new source of income or add additional one.

Scorpio : This is best time for retrospection and introspection. Bad luck haunting since past few weeks will go away due to positive influence of Mars and Jupiter.
You will act competitive, take few risks and in some situations, your own conscience will give better results than someone else’s.
Flow of money will increase but relations with siblings will deteriorate for few.

Sagittarius : Happiness through children, lovers is possible. Your mind will be peaceful and inclined towards spirituality.
Some of you may get seperated from kids or lovers as they could be travelling abroad soon.
This is best time to invest on your health and fitness. Philantropy could also be on your mind.

Capricorn : Cordial relations with your mother, friends, children are possible in next 2 months.
Standard of living will increase and few celebrations in family will keep you busy.
Pilgrimage, spiritual activities will give you happiness after some physical drainout.

Aquarius : This is best time to get into a relation with some foreign business and you will be busy.
If you neglect health now, it would be very difficult to cope up with challenges.
Your judgement will be questioned, so better rely on experienced persons for major decisions.

Pisces : Best time to build your bank balance as increased opputunities at work will keep you busy and also create enough financial oppurtunities.
Also you will re-initiate few activities and projects which were deferred in past due to lack of cooperation from others or lack of ideas.
Your family, father and younger siblings will cooperate well.
Fame will increase again due to your innovative and unmatchable talent.
Travel will prove to be fruitful.