Guru Chandal Yoga in Leo 2015-2016, Effects

Guru Chandal Yoga in Leo will start showing its effects from 28 November 2015 when Jupiter enters constellation of UttaraPhalguni in Leo (Simha Rasi).
To complete this Yoga, Rahu should be transiting in closer proximity to Jupiter.
It is already in UttaraPhalguni constellation of Virgo sign. Both these planets transiting closely will produce great opportunities in the next 8 months for material success, financial rewards and career changes. On the wrong side, this could also mess up on some other fronts.
Guru Chandal Yoga Leo 2016

Vedic Astrology says that Guru Chandal yoga is formed when Guru (Jupiter) is in conjunction with Rahu in same sign or same constellation.
Rahu will enter Leo on 09 January 2016 and enhance effects of Guru Chandal Yoga in Leo.
Aleady Rahu is conjunct another benefic planet Venus and is influencing its results.
Guru is our conscious & good counsel while Chandal is the inner demon and the base instincts we have. Guru Chandaal is thus symbolical of coming together of the ‘opposites’ like the combination of black with white.
Rahu gives us materialistic wealth, status, sudden growth in career, power and boost to our ambition but none of those are stable. They never give us long term peace and happiness.
While, Jupiter blesses us with wealth, wisdom, peace, stability and long term happiness.
When this positive Guru conjuncts the negative Rahu (chandal), achievements will be there but they lack stability and satisfaction.

Guru Chandal Yoga in Leo, Effects

Last time Guru Chandal Yoga occured in Capricorn between December 2008 and initial months of 2009.
At that time, Jupiter was debilitated in capricorn and Rahu was powerfully placed in a friendly sign and dominated Guru completely.
This helped terrorists, smugglers, underworld dons, corrupt officials and politicians to get away with their plans.
This time, Guru is comfortably placed in its friendly sign Leo and similar events can occur, but they will be exposed and controlled to some extent.
If Jupiter is your ruling planet (either born in Ascendants or Moon Signs of Pisces or Sagittarius, born on thursday or while moon transiting nakshatras owned by Jupiter), then this positive Guru Chandal Yoga in Leo will increase your social status and enhance your wealth position.

Rahu brings out our inner demon taking us away from our true duties, human values & kindness due to the mixing of good with bad under the influence of Jupiter and Rahu, the Dragon’s Head’s conjunction.
Thus the next 8 months could be risky period, since our base instincts may get better of us, taking us away from our friends & family, in a race to achieve more and more in our careers and professional lives.

There will be opportunities in form of financial growth & career changes which would need to identify and leverage with your hard work. But it would be important to be able to do this without suffering losses on the personal front, without losing the love of your family and friends and most importantly, without hurting people around you.
This is going to be a delicate & tricky time as our thinking & personality would alter at times due to clouding of your mind and thoughts.
If we can overcome the illusions created by Rahu and our instincts, then Jupiter can show us the right path.

Saturn aspect on Guru Chandal Yoga in Leo

Jupiter is well placed in Leo, but Saturn’s aspect on Jupiter and Rahu until March 2016 and continued aspect on Rahu from August 2016, will worsen the situations.
More terrorist activities, suicide attacks, corruption in national security, cyber crimes, religious intolerance, global warming will be witnessed during November 2015 – March 2016 and again from August 2016.

For People born with Guru Chandal Yoga in Personal Horoscope

If you have this combination in your birth chart, then check placement of Jupiter.
If it is weak, then Rahu will get you into illegal activities and lead to bad reputation.
If Jupiter is well placed, then it leads to fame through an influencial position in society.
Present Guru Chandal Yoga in Leo will help those who have stronger Jupiter at their time of birth.

Effects of Guru Chandal Yoga in Leo on people born in 12 Moon Signs

Aries will find it difficult to handle kids, lovers and lose their peace of mind.
Taurus will have disturbed domestic atmosphere. Family will not cooperate in you work.
Gemini will have to control their speech and watch their judgement.
Cancer can have great time with family and also make good money.
Leos can prove to be selfish, cunning while also bring regarded highly intelligent.
Virgo will take some foolish decisions as this is their most unfortunate period. They need proper guidance, else life will be a chaos.
Librans will have everything under control except their children.
Scorpions will achieve everything possible but throught questionable methods.
Sagittarians can suddenly lose interest in spirituality and religion but Jupiter’s aspect will save them from total chaos.
Capricorn should be careful while driving and also take care of their health & reputation.
Aquarians will get into disputes with partner and disturb their peace of mind.
Pisceans will amass wealth but also will act dicey in few situations. They will question old methods and try to find arguments to support their own theories.