Jupiter Retrograde 2023 in Aries during September-December, Effects

Jupiter (Brihaspati) will turn into retrograde motion while transiting Aries (Mesha Rasi) on 04 September 2023 at 19:08 IST.
It goes back into direct motion on 31 December 2023 at 07:35 IST.
Jupiter Retrograde 2023 in Aries

During these 117 days, Jupiter transits in Venus owned Bharani nakshatra till 28 November 2023 (00:34 IST) and then in Ketu owned Aswini nakshatra.
Jupiter becomes powerful during its retrograde motion and those born with Moon in Bharani, Poorva Phalguni, Poorvashada nakshatras will have a good time until 27 november.
Later till 30 december, those born with Moon in Aswini, Magha and Moola can have favorable time. However, these will be some delays and obstacles related to money flow, traffic blockages, communication errors etc, mostly due to Mercury retrograde in Leo being in trine with Jupiter retrograde between 24 August – 16 September 2023.
Good sign is Venus getting into direct motion in Cancer on evening of 3rd september and re-entering Leo on 3rd October and continue to trine Jupiter throughout that month.
Venus will also be in opposition to retrograde Saturn in October, which creates unusual trends in love affairs, proving that Love is Blind.

October month is good for creative people as Venus in Leo encourages drama in life too. But Jupiter in disciplined Aries, tries to draw boundaries and asks us to plan before acting.
But Guru Chandala Yoga continues throughout this year as Rahu remains in same sign as Jupiter till 29 November. Later Jupiter still remains within the vicinity of Rahu till early 2024, which is not allowing global economy to pick up.
Mercury Retrograde in trine with Jupiter Retrograde and in opposition to Saturn Retrograde until 16 September can cause lies, cheating, hidden truths etc.
Read all ‘small font – terms and conditions‘ carefully before signing any document.
Better postpone all major transactions, signing of agreements and documents until 2nd october. Later Mercury in its own sign Virgo is more favorable for new ventures, change of residence or job or business.
Jupiter retrograde in Fire Sign Aries expects us to be aggressive, take risks but with proper planning.
The only draw back until late november is Rahu conjunct in same sign, which destroys most of Jupiter’s positive effects.
Aries lord Mars is a natural leader and a militarian who demands any planet occupying his house to act in same manner.
If one of your ruling planet is Jupiter (born with moon or ascendant in pisces or sagittarius, or on thursday or with moon in punarvasu, visakha, poorvabhadra nakshatras) or going through Vimsottari mahadasa or antardasa of Jupiter, this is the time to set your diet, physical workout cycle, daily routine, expenditures in order.
Any one working on their physical appearance, money matters, health and general lifestyle during next 4 months will end up with maximum positive results.
If you are born with Retrograde Jupiter in your birth chart, then this is the best time to grab an opportunity which was left by someone else, or enter into a project/team where your presence is highly regarded.

People who want to start something creative must do lot of ground work, research until January 2024. Only when Jupiter re-enters Venus owned Bharani nakshatra in direct motion, plans can take off.
Jupiter retrograde in ketu owned Aswini until 28 november is good for gaining spiritual knowledge, practicing meditation, religious rites, pilgrimage etc.
Mars aspect on its own sign until mid November saves Aries natives from maximum damage. Difficult situations arise during December, especially for Bharani nakshatra born natives. They need to avoid speculation until february 2024.
During the initial days of Jupiter Retrograde, Sun trine Jupiter August-September 2023 brings happiness, optimism, and generosity, with warm and friendly relationships for Aries, Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius.
GOLD Price increases slightly during September-December 2023 but much better gains can be expected in 2024.
Solar eclipse on 14 October in Virgo (Kanya) and Partial Lunar eclipse on 28-29 October in Aries (Mesha) causes cyclones, tsunamis and floods in many coastal areas.