Lunar Eclipse on 25 April 2013, Effects

Lunar Eclipse 25 april 2013Partial Lunar Eclipse will occur on April 25, 2013, and this is the first of three lunar eclipses in this year.
Only a tiny sliver of the Moon will be covered by the Earth’s umbral shadow at maximum eclipse, but the entire northern half of the moon will be darkened from being inside the penumbral shadow. This is the second shortest partial eclipse of the moon for the 21st century, lasting 27 minutes, though total duration of Penumbral Phase will be 04 Hours 07 Mins 47 Secs.
It will be visible over parts of Europe, North Africa, North Asia, and Australian continent.
It begins at 19:54:08 UTC and ends at 20:21:02 UTC.
In india, only a weaker and less illuminating moon will be seen in many parts, while partial eclipse will be seen in northern states.
In India, Lunar Eclipse Starts – 01:24:08 and ends at 01:51:01 on 26th april 2013.

On that day, this Full Moon (in Libra/Thula Rasi) aspects Mars (temper), Venus(relations), exalted Sun(heated) and conjunct retrograde Saturn (dissatisfaction and jealousy).
Astrologically, this eclipse is caused by Moon conjunct Rahu (north node) in libra.
Arguments now will cause grudges that can last a long time. A positive way to deal with this eclipse is to clean up and throw things out.

Effects of this lunar eclipse will be experienced only in Australia, Middle-East,China, Japan, Korea and parts of Europe.
Political tension, economic imbalance, natural calamities like earth quakes in china and north-east asia, strained relations with neighbouring countries are possible this month.
Disturbed relations with siblings, spouse and parents are possible for +/- 15 days of this eclipse for humans living in those countries.

If you are about to take any major financial decision, try to postpone it till 6th may 2013.
If you sense any discussion leading into argument, try to divert the topic or just quit.
Avoid shopping (especially online and through credit cards) and taking loans around that day, particularly if you are born in ascendants or moon signs of Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Aries and Gemini.
This eclipse will have negative effects on people born in libra moon sign and ascendant, swati nakshatra, cancer ascendant and moon sign, and if running vimsottari dasa of moon.
Also if you were born with Rahu conjunct Moon or Mars aspecting/conjunct Moon in your birthchart, you need to observe above said precautions.

In general, this eclipse is good for people born in Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus signs.
Others should observe precautions in talking, driving and spending.