Predictions for birth number 4 and fadic number 3

numerology fadic number 3How to find your fadic number : if you are born on 12th june 1983, 1+2+6+1+9+8+3 = 30
3+0 = 3.
so your fadic or destiny number is 3.
How to calculate your birth number : If you are born on dates 4,13,22,31 of any months, then your birth number is 4.
So, if your birth number is 4 and fadic number is 3, then you are under the influence of RAHU and JUPITER.


They are public-spirited people. They will adorn high positions by their intelligence and mighty achievements.
They will strive to fulfill their promise. Therefore others will respect them. They are highly capable of describing the scenery or incident they have seen. They will render all possible help to others. If their friends commit some mistake, they will severely condemn them. Their early life will be full of struggles.
But they will make progress step by step. They will have the luck to acquire conveyance, job or industry, an agree­able family and ample wealth. If they do not have suitable names, they will face some obstacles and unfavorable circumstances.

They have the capacity to teach, instruct and enlighten. They will always be busy doing something or other.
They look moderately tall and they have wavy hair. They will protect and preserve their health carefully. If there is a small disorder in health, they will attend to it and have it cured. They have long and beautiful eyebrows, attractive eyes and a beautiful row of teeth.
When they smile, two front teeth will be more visible. Their body is made of well-rounded limbs. They are always active and so they develop excess of heat in their body. As a result, they will be faced with the problem of falling hair. Some may become bald.

Life Style

Before they begin a work, they will deeply think about it. They want to lead a peaceful life. They do not exceed the limits as fixed by their status. People who are in government jobs give due respect to their superiors.
They do their work perfectly and to the satisfaction of their bosses. Therefore they will reach higher positions quickly. If they do not move up and if they stagnate, the reason could be that they do not have suitable names.
People of this category reach top positions by their active efforts. They also encourage and enable others to make progress. Some of them are in politics, some in jobs while the majority is in business.
They have the broad outlook to help others as much as possible. They are true patriots. They exert themselves with the aim that their country should develop and their society should improve and progress.
Many of them achieve success through business and industries. Only those who do not have suitable names face difficulties.

Suitable name

If the names are suitable, then there will be steady progress in their life and profession or business. They have the capacity to teach, instruct and enlighten. They will always be busy doing something or other.
They are under the influence of Rahu and Jupiter. It will be advantageous to them if they adapt names to suit the numbers of the Sun like 10, 19, 37, 46, 64, 73, etc.


They will derive profit from medical shops, general shops, furniture, steel business, transport business and sale of food articles.


They may be affected by skin diseases, itching, all those diseases due to excess of heat, pain in the joints and gas trouble. These can be cured.

Numerology Tips

Lucky numbers : 1, 3
Lucky dates : 1, 3, 10, 12, 19, 21, 28, 30
Lucky stones : Hessonite, Light blue sapphire
Lucky colours : Yellow, Pale blue, Violet, Rose, Orange
Unsuitable dates : 6, 8, 15, 17, 24, 26
Unsuitable colours : Black, Red, Green