Saturn retrograde in Libra, Virgo – 7 February to 25 June 2012

Saturn retrograde in libra, virgoSlow moving karmic planet Saturn turns retrograde in motion in Libra (according to K.P Ayanamsa) on february 7th and will re-enter virgo on 17th may 2012.
Saturn transit in its exalted sign will bring huge changes in societies.
In many fields like politics, sports, cinema, television, print media and other businesses, big players will be forced to take back seat and saturn promotes fresh talent who enter without hereditary background.

Retrograde motion pulls back and gives you an opportunity to take care of your past (old business). The past that needs to be resolved is directly related to the planet involved.
When Saturn is retrograde, he is sending you back to your room to think very carefully about what you are doing, goals you have started working towards and the commitments you have made. It is sort of like a planetary cooling off period when it is OK to re-assess and change direction or re-assess and say “no”. This is not the time to make new commitments or start new projects, but great to sort out just what you want out of existing goals.

Saturn retrogrades give you time to sort your stuff out, get rid of any frustrations and re-think the viability of any promises you have already made.
Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and associated with the 10th house. This means that any time Saturn stations you will find yourself thinking about your career goals, priorities and vision.
Depending on what houses are signified in your chart, saturn makes you look back at those issues during these 5 months.
If you are born with retrograde saturn in your horoscope, this period will test your patience.
It will also make you toil hard and pay less.

This retrograde period will be learning experience for people born with moon in Mrigasira, Chitta and Dhanista constellations.
People born under Libra will have watchout their expenses and reputation.

However Jupiter will guard people born under pisces, leo, libra and sagittarius from ill-effects of saturn till may 2012.

Between May 17th – august 2nd, people born under scorpio, pisces, sagittarius, virgo, gemini will have to be careful while driving or working with any machinery as saturn and mars jointly influence these signs.

Take care not to make any lasting commitment related decisions while Saturn is retrograde. Whatever it is that you are contemplating, take your time and enjoy the process. Do the research, weigh up the pros and cons and explore it. Look at your commitments realistically and whatever happens take comfort that the structures that are built during a Saturn retrograde will stand you in good stead once he starts to move forward again.

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