Massaging Pressure Points in Palm and Underfeet to Revitalize Organs

In our body all vital organs in body are connected to pressure points in their palms and underfeet.
Just applying suitable pressure on them will give you relief from all related problems.
Massage points in PALM :
palm pressure points for massage

If you take a cold shower or go out in cold air or get wet in rain, you may suffer from sinus problems and gently massaging your finger tips at SINUS points will give you relief.
In the same way applying little pressure on STOMACH point just below index finger on palm will help quick digestion. Massaging at the area between bases of index and middle fingers will give relief to brain and it helps in sound sleep.
Applying pressure on Moon Mount and at base of palm (just above the braces) will help bowel movement quickly.
Massaging venus mount (below thumb) helps keeping the thyroid and parathyroid glands under check.
Similarly, massaging braces will relieve pressure from genitals.

Massage points UNDER FEET :

pressure points in foot for massage

Simply massage the pressure points using ur finger tips gently and you’ll feel relief within 5 minutes