Venus combust and retrograde in june 2012, Effects

Venus Combust july 2011Venus will remain combust due to close proximity with sun between 1st june to 11th june 2012.
This combust effect will be between 4:13 AM, IST on 1st june, till 9:02 AM, IST on 11th june 2012.

Usually venus goes combust twice every year and is combust when it is at a distance of 10 or lesser degrees from sun (in direct motion) and 8 or lesser degrees from sun (in retrograde motion).
In combustion, the planet’s power is transferred to the Sun, so will always act in service to the Sun.

During these 10 days, energy of Venus will be compromised. Venus is one of the planets of Guidance (the other is Jupiter).
When we can’t see Venus we are “without guidance.
Venus is the planet of Value: when it is invisible it is harder to determine the true value of something.
Therefore those 10 days are a poor time for making decisions about important expenditures.

During this period, which is called as Sukra Moudyami , Positive effects of Venus will be drastically reduced and thus Hindus who believe in astrology, will not perform any auspicious ceremonies during this time such as weddings, engagements, house warming, launching of new business etc.
However, talks and paperwork for above can be done during this period.
Venus, who controls movies, arts will not be beneficial for many who are depended on those fields.

Since venus will be combust in taurus (vrishabh rasi), its ill-effects will be more on people born under ascendants and moon signs of taurus and libra.
People born under signs of gemini, virgo, capricorn, aquarius will also face some trouble.
Its better to avoid major financial transactions, love and sexual affairs, buying of jewelry, starting of new projects during this period.
These precautions should also be taken by people who are going through venus(sukra) dasa.

If venus is a benefic in your personal horoscope, good effects will be minimised and if its a malefic for you, it’ll give some relief during combustion.

Aries born will experience pressure for money, taurus born will face health issues and loss of sleep, gemini born will have loveless days and expenditure, cancer born will have some domestic troubles and differences with friends or relatives.

Leo born will have dull days in profession and their judgement can go wrong, Virgo born can face humiliating situations and loss of money, Libra born will have health and prestige issues, Scorpio born will have bad relation with partner.

Sagittarius born will experience some relief regarding loans but obligations will waste their time, Capricorn born will have love, career and kids troubles, Aquarians will become restless and Pisceans will have some better days except for some disappointments.

Since major natural benefic Jupiter is also in same sign, but not combust now, it will reduce the ill-effects of Venus combustion.