Leo Ascendant (Simha Lagna) – Vimsottari dasas and results

Leo AscendantPeople born in Leo Ascendant (Simha Lagna) will have favorable vimsottari dasas of Sun, Mars and Jupiter. Venus, Moon and Mercury dasas will not be favorable.
Saturn, Rahu and Ketu dasas will give moderate results based on their placement and star lords.

During 6 years of favorable Sun dasa, talent and skill will be recognised and suitable position will be achieved.
Father’s or family’s name will be useful in making materialistic progress.
Ancestral properties will be brought back, though partially.
Dreams will be realised and fame will increase multiple times.
Will learn foreign languages and travel across the country or world to visit many new places.
Doctors, especially ayurvedic, homeo and eye specialists will prosper in their profession.
Unmarried will have oppurtunity to marry their beloved.
Will be philanthropic but donations or service done are usually misused by others.
As long as you don’t become headstrong, nothing can bring you down mentally or professionally.
Few will either construct a new house or buy and old one and modify it with modern look.
Will display best possible skill in your profession and also help many others to find jobs.
Few with strongly placed sun will become entrepreneurs and create jobs for many.
Will respond to social causes and donate liberally.

During favorable Jupiter dasa of 16 years, life will grow from lowest to highest stage.
Lifestyle will grow multiple times and skill will be recognised.
Will have divine blessings and government will recognise your skill and talent.
Will have good relations with politicians and this will help in strengthening financial position.
Will be recognised as an intellectual in society and many will follow your advices.
Few will gain political power or good position based on their social circle.
Health hiccups will bother occassionally and also behaviour of children will cause few tensions.
Will succeed in profession but fail at home.
Spouse will blame you of neglecting family and your efforts to put kids in discipline will also fail.
Your efforts to help relatives and friends in their profession will also fail.
Few will have differences with in-laws.

During favorable Mars dasa of 7 years, you will become famous again after going through mentally agonising moon dasa of 10 years.
Will try to break all rules of society and enjoy life to the fullest.
Will shed all responsibilities and lead an aggressive lifestyle.
Few will become addicted to alcohol or drugs but will be in control.
Will achieve good and powerful position in profession and earn lot of money.
People in politics will become highly corrupt and achieve wealth enough for multiple generations to follow.
Few will hold powerful positions in government or army.
You will not be recognised as good person but will be recognized as a capable administrator.

During Venus dasa of 20 years for simha lagna born, differences with women, arguments with spouse, defamation among relatives, seperation from kids, no satisfaction in profession, sudden and unexpected finacial or property loss will be experienced.
Will suffer due to cheating done by others(especially opposite sex).
Efforts to get a breakthrough in artistic fields like cinema, television, music, drama etc will repeatedly fail.
Will be forced to work under someone whom you don’t like.
Extraordinary talent will not see limelight.
Court cases will test your patience. Siblings and cousins will become your enemies suddenly and blame you baselessly.
Intentionally you will invite trouble by letting a woman walk into your life.
Bad habits will be exposed and you will be defamed.
Lack of mental peace at home will make you bend towards ancient sciences like astrology, yoga, philosophy, meditation etc.
Performing Bhrigu pasupata homam and feeding white cows will reduce few ill effects in this dasa.

During Moon dasa of 10 years, mental instability, problems in family, loss in business, bad health, financial position going down, expenses going out of control will be experienced.
In few situations, you will be forced to sell off some property to meet expenses or to pay back loans.
Will have strained relations with mother and her relatives.
Will lose money in gambling and have arguments with parents.
Few will be forced to shut down businesses and organizations due to lack of investment.
Weak financial position or banks not granting loans will stop you from running or starting new business, though you have skill and talent to manage them.
To reduce ill effects of this moon dasa, performing Mahalakshmi homam with lotus flowers in best remedy.
Its better to stay away from swimming in risky places during this period.

During Mercury dasa of 17 years, financial losses, cheating done by relatives, health problems, medical expenditure, differences with opposite sex, income only sufficient for daily expenses, humiliation for going out of you way and helping others, mistakes committed in writing documents and being punished for that etc. bad bad results will be seen.
Elder kid will progress better than others in family.
Your timing in speech, knowledge in mathematics, astrology etc will be useful for living.
Others will be benefited by you but they wont help you in return.
Performing Sudarsana Homam is best known remedy for this dasa.

During Saturn dasa of 19 years, marriage will happen for unmarried but with some difficulty.
Marital life will be moderate and professional growth will be seen.
Health problems will keep you away from work many times.
Court cases will be resolved in your favor after testing your patience.
Your education from past will be helpful in making some money during this tough dasa.
Social circle will increase but problems at home due to kids will arise.
One of the children will cause you mental tension.
Ancestral property will not reach your hands.
There will be false rumors spread on you, which will effect your profession.
Better to avoid partnership businesses in this dasa.
Performing Rudra Homam is best known remedy for reducing bad effects of saturn dasa.

Rahu and Ketu dasas give moderate results based on their placements, conjunctions and aspects.

All the above results in all dasas are modified to some extent by constellations and subdivisions occupied by those planets and also by transit results of major planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu.