Almond Gum Recipes and Health Benefits

Almond Gum is edible solidified resin from tree. Human usage of tree resins is recorded since ancient greek and egypt era.
Resin (Gum) extracted from Almond Tree is a healthy food which can be stored and consumed with water, milk or rose milk.
Almond Gum Resin

This is good source of protein and useful to boost male vitality, increase body weight, gain muscle.
This is called Badam Gondh or Gondh Katira in hindi and used to make sweets like Laddoo. Its scientific name is Prunus amygdalus and is different from the Indian almond tree (Terminalia Catappa).
Almond grows best in Mediterranean climates with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters which are experienced in Indian subcontinent.
Almond Gum is the byproduct of the metabolic mechanism of the tree, easily solvable in viscous and water solutions. Badam Pisin is either white or brown in color and is found in the shape of small rocks over bark of the tree. It can be dissolved in water and is used in making jellies, health drinks, milk shakes etc.
Is used in food and pharmaceutical industry, as an emulsifier, stabilizer and as a texturant additive.

Health Benefits of Almond Gum

Almond Gum

  • Is used as edible coating on cherries and with just 10% of gum, shelf life of the cherries increased for up to 15 days when stored at 2°C
  • Useful to reduce body heat and maintain proper temperature.
  • Reduces stomach burns, ulcers, acidity.
  • Cures Diaherra and reduces cholesterol in blood.
  • When consumed with warm milk, it increases body weight.

Almond Gum (Badam Pisin) Laddoo Recipe

ALmond Gum or Badam Pisin is made into a powder and mixed with flour and sweeteners like sugar or Jaggery and spherical Laddoos are prepared.
Almond Gum Laddoo
This Almond Gondh Laddoo is mostly useful for weak and thin men to gain strength, sperm count, muscle.
Pregnant women and Lactating mothers also consume these laddoos for strength and production of more milk.
Underweight people should 2 laddoos per day during winter.

Almond Gum Milk Shakes Recipe

Almond Gum Milk Shake
Soak 10 gms of Badam Pisin (almond gum) in 100 ml of water overnight.
Next morning, Gum absorbs water and swells.
Remove water and add this to warm or cold milk along with sugar or honey (for extra sweet) and consume.
It can be consumed without milk too (in plain water) to reduce body heat.
With milk, it increases body weight and adds muscle.
Sugandha roots bark powder is mixed with or without milk to make a natural coolant drink in summer.

Almond Gum Rose Milk Shake
Adding 2 drops of Rose essence to above recipe can make it into Almond Gum (Badam Pisin) Rose Milk.
Any flavoured syrup of your choice can be used instead of Rose essence.