Drumstick Tree Leaves Benefits for Health & Recipes

Drumstick tree leaves benefits for health & home made natural recipes to cure cuts, wounds, asthma, gall bladder & kidney stones, flatulence, skin glow, cold, cough…
Its botanical name is Moringa Oleifera and it is called Sobhanjana in sanskrit, Sahijan or Munaga in Hindi, Munaga in Telugu, Drumstick or Horse Radish tree in English, Nugge Mara in kannada.
drumstick tree leaves benefits ayurveda

It’s Sanskrit names are Sobhanjana, sisru and modaka.
Its is also refered to as : Shobhanjana – Very auspicious tree, Shigru – has strong, piercing qualities, Teekshnagandha – Strong and pungent odor, Aksheeva – relieves intoxication, Mochaka – helps to cure diseases.
It is grown in tropical and sub tropical areas, mostly in India and is drought resistant.
The leaves of the tree are highly nutritious and are rich in vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. They are also good source of Manganese, potassium, magnesium, calcium, fiber and protein.
The drumsticks and leaves of tree are widely used in cooking.
Drumstick seeds are called white pepper.
It can also be used as home remedies for few ailments, such as :

  • Finely grinded drumstick leaves can be applied on cuts, wounds, burns and useful for healing.
  • The decoction made of drumstick leaves and consumed by children rid them of intestinal warms, stomach ache and constipation.
  • The gum derived from drumstick tree if applied on rotten teeth will give relief.
  • Oil extracted from drumstick seeds applied on swelling caused by joint pain and for relief.
  • Boil drumsticks in water and inhale the water vapor will ease asthma and respiratory problems.
  • Mash drumstick and extract it’s juice mix a few drops of lemon in it and apply on face for half an hour to get healthy and radiant skin.
  • Extract drumstick juice and add to glass of milk. This milk given to children will strengthen their bones.
  • Drumstick juice provides instant relief from any kind of chest pain, sour throat and cold.
  • Take equal quantities and drumstick tree root juice and ginger juice. Mix them well. Consuming 2 to 3 table spoons of this will give relief from asthma.
  • Consuming curd mixed with drumstick gum for seven days will cure urinary tract problems.
  • Grind together drumstick leaves and pepper. apply on the scalp as bandage to get relief from cold, and head ache.
  • Children suffering from indigestion may be given an extract of drumstick leaves juice mixed with Himalayan pink rock salt.
  • Drum sticks purify blood.
  • Pregnant women may be given drumstick juice to minimize pre and post delivery problems.
  • Drum sticks contain high amount of oleic acid which is required for our body.
  • Diabetics can consume drumstick leaves as it reduce blood sugar level and improves gal bladder function.
  • Fresh young drumstick leaves cooked with pigeon pea (Tur dal) will provide relief from gastric and phlegm related diseases.
  • Mix of long pepper powder with drumstick tree root and honey will give relief from cough.
  • Crudely crush the roots of the drumstick tree and mix this extract in a glass of milk. This milk when consumed will dissolve kidney stones.

Reference : Moringa Oleifera