Food to increase intelligence in kids

Intelligent ChildrenSage Nagarjuna has prescribed a special diet for kids to make them intelligent.
By using this daily, children will become more intelligent, their memory and recollection ability will increase more.
Its known as Kachchapata tantra and is prepared by Sage Nagarjuna.

Preparation :- 1 kg dry ginger(sonti) cut into small pieces.
Fry them in a pan on sim flame for 2-3 minutes and then make their minute powder.
Add 1 Kg of pure cow ghee ,1 kg of old jaggery and 1/2 kg of honey.
Mix this content thouroughly.

Take a newly made clay pot, wash it thoroughly and let it dry.
Then apply cow ghee to its entire inner surface till the ghee is no more absorbed by the pot..
Then place all the above made content in this pot and tie the lid of this pot with a thick strong cloth so that no air escapes into it.
Apply raw clay on the outer surface of the pot and let it dry.
Then place this pot inside a grain heap so that it is covered from all angles by grains (rice, wheat etc.)
Leave this heap for a month.
You can use a bag of rice or wheat to do this and tie up the closed pot within this bag.

During this month, chemical reaction will create the food required to make your kids intelligent.
After 1 month, transfer the contents of the pot into another clay pot or glass jar (avoid plastic bottles or jars) and store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Usage :- Daily morning after brushing teeth and at night before going to bed, give 10 gms of this paste to kids.
For kids between 4-10 years, 10 gms/each dose is enough.
For kids between 11-15 years of age, use 15 gms/dose.

Benefits :- Within few months, their brains will start functioning smarter and they will be ahead of other kids of their age.
Their IQ will improve considerably.

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