Ivy Gourd Leaves Recipes, Usages & Health Benefits

ivy gourdIvy Gourd, also known as baby watermelon, little gourd, gentleman’s toes, tindora is a tropical vine whose leaves can cure scalp pimples, diabetes, heat in feet and palms, menstrual pain, vaginal pain etc.
Ivy Gourd’s scientific names are Coccinia Grandis, Cephalandra Indica and Coccinia Indica.
It is sometimes mistaken as Gherkin.
Ivy Gourd is known as Raktaphala, Tundikeri in Sanskrit. It is a creep which can grow in fields and also in backyards.
Ivy Gourd digests slowly and it produces excess phlegm in body. However, it can control cough, cold, asthma, vomiting sensation and other Vaata diseases.
However, its leaves are used in Ayurveda to cure multiple diseases.

Ivy Gourd Leaves Recipe to cure Scalp Pimples

Extract juice from Ivy Gourd leaves without mixing water and let few small sea shells (green colored) soak in them for 3 days.
On 4th day, take them out and burn them on coal.
Take this ash and mix cow butter in to make a paste.
Applying this paste on scalp will is ayurvedic remedy to cure scalp pimples.

Diabetes cure with Ivy Gourd Leaves

Extract 20-30 ml juice for Ivy Gourd Leaves or creep and consume it early morning on empty stomach without mixing anything in it.
This process will reduce sugar levels in blood within 3 months.
Compounds in this plant inhibit the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase. This Glucose-6-phosphatase is one of the key liver enzymes involved in regulating sugar metabolism. Therefore, ivy gourd is sometimes recommended for diabetic patients.

Jaundice cure with Ivy Gourd Leaves

In 30 ml of fresh Ivy Gourd Leaves juice, mix 50 gms of curd made from buffalo (which has a male calf) milk.
Cosume this mixture everyday for atleast a week and by maintaining required diet, all types of jaundice will be cured.

Ivy Gourd Leaves Juice reduces burning sensation in palms and underfeet

Extract equal quantities of juice from Ivy Gourd Leaves, Black Thorn apple (Datura) leaves juice, Broad Beans leaves juice and store them after mixing.
Massage on palms and underfeet for 10-15 minutes each day and excess heat, burning sensation will be reduced drastically by 4th day.

Ivy Gourd Leaves Juice cures Menstrual Pain

Mix Ivy Gourd Leaves Juice, black mustards powder (3-5 gms), garlic juice (1 spoon) and prepare a small mustard ball.
Take 2-3 such ball 3 times a day, after breakfast, lunch and dinner with water.
This will remove Menstrual Pain on 2nd day itself.

Ivy Gourd Leaves Juice cures Vaginal Pain

Mix Ivy Gourd Leaves Juice (50 ml), curd made from buffalo (which has a male calf) milk (50 gms) and consume twice a day before breakfast and dinner.
Along with this, avoid all spicy, sour and salty food for 3 days and Vaginal pain caused due to multiple reasons will be removed.

Ivy Gourd have been used to treat leprosy, fever, asthma, bronchitis and jaundice. The fruit possesses mast cell stabilizing, anti-anaphylactic and antihistaminic potential.
In Bangladesh, the roots are used to treat osteoarthritis and joint pain. A paste made of leaves is applied to the skin to treat scabies.
Ivy gourd is rich in beta-carotene, which can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women before menopause, and the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

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