Sesame Flowers Health Benefits

Sesame Flowers medicines
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Sesame (Sesamum indicum)(ಎಳ್ಳು in Kannada, எள் in tamil, నువ్వులు in telugu, तिल in hindi) has numerous wild relatives in africa and lesser number in indian subcontinent.
Its seed is considered to be the oldest oilseed crop known, domesticated since many years.
It is very drought-tolerant and has been called a survivor crop, with an ability to grow where most crops fail.
Its seeds have rich, nutty flavour and has one of the highest oil contents.

Though its seeds are well known for making oil, food items etc, its flowers are less used.

Sesame flowers have bitter taste and can produce heat in body when consumed.
There are white sesame and black sesame plants and flowers of black sesame plants help hair growth, restoration of natural hair color.

Benefits and Usage of Sesame Flowers

For Bald Head : In olden days, ayurvedic doctors extracted hoof of a dead horse and burned it to coal.
They mixed sesame flowers, cow ghee, honey and coal/ash of horse’s hoof in equal quantities and applied on bald heads to make hair grow again.

For Facial Beauty : Make paste of sesame flowers with cow milk and apply it as facepack.
Wash it after an hour.
This will remove pimples, black spots, wrinkles etc and add more glow to skin.

To improve Eyesight : In winter season, collect the dew drops on sesame flowers and use them as eyedrops.
2-3 drops every morning will improve eyesight, remove dryness and puss from eyes.

For increasing Sperm count and Vitality : Extracts flowers, leaves and seeds from black sesame plants in equal quantities.
Dry them and make their power.
Store this powder in a bottle and everyday morning on empty stomach, take 6 grams of this power along with 1 spoon sugar.
Within 21 days, body will start gaining stamina and virility will increase.

For curing kidney stones : Pick sesame flowers and dry them under shade.
Make their powder and store it.
Consuming 5 grams of this powder along with 1 spoon honey and 200 ml cowmilk everyday will help kidney stones to melt.