Effects of Moon transits in 2013-14

effects of moon transit in 2013-14
effects of moon transit in 2013-14

During 2013-14 (Vijaya Nama Samvastara) Moon control production of cereals, tobacco, marijuana, all vegetables that grow inside soil without exposure of sunlight like carrots, onions, peanuts etc.
Production of white colored cerals and rice will increase.
People will donate food but adulteration will continue.

All cereals, mangoes, coconuts, rice, oils, vegetables that grow without sunlight will have higher demand and price in market.
Governments will fail to control price hikes of these commodities.
Shortage of LPG (liquified petroleum gas) and kerosene will continue.
Their prices will also increase.

People will buy more varities of perfumes this year.
Rainfall will be adequate and dairy farming will grow.
Production of milk and its by products will increase.

Most young men and women will have more money than they can spend but will suffer from strange psychological diseases.
More complicated problems than love or sex will take psychriatists by surprise.
Number of suicides will increase and so will robberies in outskirts of cities and temples.

2013 will see record numbers in production of rice and wheat in many countries.
People will prefer cotton over synthetic and leatherware.
Governments will promote and help cotton farmers.

Silver price will increase when compared to last year, but will still be affordable.