Saraswati Leaf for complete health care

Saraswati Leaf or hill glory bowerSaraswati Leaf (verbanaceae) commonly known as: hill glory bower, Saraswaty’s leaf, sticky glorybower • Bengali: ভাংট bhant, ঘৈংটু ghentu • Hindi: भांट bhant • Kannada: ఇబ్బనె ibbane • Lepcha: kumboul kung • Malayalam: പെരുക് peruku, വട്ടപ്പരുവലം vattaparuvalam • Manipuri: kuthap manbi • Marathi: भंडीरा bhandira • Nepalese: राजबेली rajbeli • Sanskrit: भण्डिका bhandika, भंडीरा bhandira, भान्टक bhantaka, braahmi, manDookaparNi, Adityavalli • Tamil: perugilai, vattakanni • Telugu: కట్టియాకు, సరస్వతి ఆకు

Native to: tropical Asia

Attributes of saraswati leaf : These leaves are from a small plant that can grow at any place where water or humidity is present.
This improves brain power, memory and strengthens nerves.
It is useful for people who use more brain for their work like auditors, writers, painters etc.
It also delays ageing and is good for eyes.

Stomach ache, Indigestion in kids : Collect 12-15 saraswati leaves and fry them with cow ghee on low flame till leaves turn black.
Filter out the ghee and add 1/4th spoon jeera(cumin seeds), half spoon sugar and feed to kids along with lunch or dinner.
This will help them if they have constipation, or blood in stools.

Phlegm in throat : If elders have excess phlegm in throat and cannot talk, then collect 10 saraswati leaves and fry them with half spoon cow ghee for 2 minutes.
Chew these fried leaves slowly and throat will be cleared in 1-2 nights.

Cold and cough in kids : Squeeze saraswati leaves and make kids drinks 1 spoon of its juice 2-3 times per day to get them relief from cold and cough.

For Intelligent kids : Get entire saraswati plant along with roots and wash it.
Then dry it in shade for 2 days.
Make powder of the entire dried plant and store it in a jar at a cool, dark place.
Pregnant women should mix half spoon of this powder with 1 spoon cow ghee and take it on empty stomach in morning and also at night before sleeping.
By doing this, she will have intelligent children.

For Skin diseases and allergy : Use the above said saraswati plant’s powder, 1/4th spoon mixed with 1 spoon honey, twice a day 1 hour before lunch and dinner.
This will clean the blood and many skin diseases will be eliminated.

For increasing memory and brain power : Chiroli or Chironji or Saarapappu
1. Saraswati leaves powder : 25 gms
2. Sankhapushpi powder : 25 gms
3. Almonds(badam) powder : 50 gms
4. Cardamom(Elaichi) powder : 50 gms
5. Chironji(Buchanania Lanzan) or Charoli seeds powder : 100 gms (usually available in indian stores)

Usage : Mix them and store in a glass jar at cool dry place.
Daily, add 1 spoon of this powder to 150 ml of milk and boil it well.
Then add sufficient sugar or candy sugar and drink it.
This can be used by children and adults.
It removes physical ailments like fever, cough, cold, phlegm, heart weakness and increases memory power.

For Insanity, Fits disease : Collect 100 gms of saraswati powder as said above.
Collect 50 gms of Almonds(badam) and soak them in warm water over night.
Next day, peel their skin, dry them and powder them.
Fry 15 gms of black pepper for a minute and make their powder.
Now mix above three then add sufficient water to make thick paste.
Make small tablets of peas size with this paste and dry them in shade.
Store these tablets in a glass jar.
Depending on the severity of the problem, use 2 or 3 tablets per day after food along with warm cow milk.
This will cure fits disease, weak memory, Insanity, madness etc.

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