Effects of Venus in 2012-13

venus transit effects in 2012Venus is both king and minister in the year 2012-13 (Nandana Nama Samvatsara) and this will bring noticeable changes in administration.
Heads of governments will take unilateral decisions and this will cause some unrest among cabinet minsiters and officials.
Due to venus’s transits and effects, alcoholism will increase.
Domination of women will increase in administration of many countries and states.
Favorism towards certain groups will increase among leaders and this will ultimately lead to corruption and lack of responsibility among officials.

Lawyers, judges and courts will be overloaded with work but in many cases, their verdicts will be appreciated by society.
Governments will design new welfare schemes which look good on paper but will fail during implimentation.
Few influential persons will continue their activities and no law will be able to bring them to justice !

Accidents, street fights will increase and general unrest will prevail in public over administration and also on their personal lives.
Every solution for a problem will become a new problem itself !
Honest people will face tough times ahead and few sensational issues like mafia controlling religion, will be revealed to the world.

Fake babas, gurus and swamis will emerge to rob innocent people.
Religion, spirituality etc will become biggest and fastest fetching business.
Fake doctors under the mask of ayurveda and naturopathy will cause serious health hazards with their inexperience.

Love marriages and divorce rate will increase this year.
Men, who got tortured by women will form new associations and groups against them.
Drug mafia will take control over youth in many countries.

Change of religion will also become one more profitable business in many parts of the world.
Milk, dairy products, alcohol, oils, green vegetables, fruits, flowers will have more demand and their prices will increase.
Water will become scarce and draught situation will prevail during first half of the year.

USA, Japa, China will face natural calamities and suffer major losses.

New talent will emerge in world cinema and many old actors and film makers will be forced to either retire or change their path.

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