Mercury Effects in Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara (2017-18)

Mercury hevilambi nama samvatsara 2017-18Mercury is the is the commander-in-chief for Vedic New Year Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara (2017-18) and also Arghyadhipati (controls water etc.).
Indian Military will be stronger than earlier. Intelligence agencies will work better and save their countries from huge losses.
Import Export businesses among asian countries will bear some losses. New businesses and companies established this year can see great success.
There is huge threat of Nuclear War this year. Weapons in Pakistan can slip into hands of terrorist groups.
Indians need to donate heavily for war maintenance. Few persons committing sediton or selling defence secrets will be caught.

Business families will gain more control over society.
This year rainfall will be useless to agriculture, as most rain will occur in cities and forests.
Volcanoes can explode within the ocean, causing tsunamis.
Asia and Pacific Islands face threat of tsunamis and cyclones during 2017-18.
Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Canada, East Coast of USA can face natural calamities.

Selfies will prove to be suicides in many cases.
Rahu and Mercury will cause multiple deaths in beaches, rivers and waterfalls. This applies more to east-coast of India.
Even trained swimmers will drown and die at many places. Big ships will sink.

Flight accidents will also increase and few celebrities can die in such incidents.
Food adultery will increase. Supreme Court of India’s collegium system, which appoints judges to the nation’s constitutional courts will be criticized. Indian government will attempt to change this system.

USA economy goes down. Unemployment can increase.
Suicide bombers will attack religious places, killings hundreds of people.
Breast Cancer and Womb Cancer cases will increase among women.
New Indian Currency will be counterfieted and fake currency will be pumped into market this year.
Many NRIs working in USA and other countries will return to their motherland.