Mercury Effects in Vilambi Nama Samvatsara (2018-19)

Mercury (Budha Graha) is the is the Rasadhipati (controls beverages, defence etc) for Vedic New Year Vilambi Nama Samvatsara (2018-19).
Mercury Vilambi nama samvatsara 2018-19
Most countries will strengthen their defence systems and increase defence budget.

Productivity increases in Asian countries like China, India, Japan, Korea.
Governments will promote greenery and preserve forests, parks.
People maintaining religious institutions will face challenging situations and enquiries from governments.
Religious activities will increase. Steps will be taken to control pollution.
Dairy industry will be profitable as all milk products will be in demand. Prices of vegetable and seed oils will increase.
Indian government, defence ministry, military force will gain more popularity this year.
War situations across the border will be handled efficiently.
There will be some loss to the army but dedication of few officers will be recognized.

More attacks on hindus in few Indian states will be headlines every month.
ISRO gains more popularity, though there can be few mishaps.
Israel will be blamed for deaths and violence in Gaza Strip.
Egypt, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Britain, North Korea, USA will face tough economic situations.
Earth quake will hit north India (Delhi).

More youth will become sensitive for petty issues and develop suicide tendencies.
This year will witness more deaths due to accidents (drink and drive), suicides, adventures etc.