Six planets influence Taurus & Scorpio in May 2013

Taurus may 2012Five planets, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Sun, and Mercury will be transiting Taurus (vrishabha rasi) between 15 – 27 may 2013.
Moon will be transiting in Scorpio between 24 – 26 may and will be aspected by all above planets from taurus.
All these planets conjuncting in same sign, will cause confusion in decision making for people born under ascendants and moon signs of taurus and scorpio.

Taurus is the most determined sign of the zodiac, and once Mars follows quickly on the Sun’s heels, you will get the stamina, motivation, and focus you need to succeed.
Use this time to invest fully in your goals and dreams. If you gain traction now, you’ll be able to hang in long enough to enjoy amazing results.
Since Taurus is the zodiac’s money-ruling sign, make sure you pay extra attention to your finances throughout the coming weeks. Get your material circumstances in order as you make your life more secure and stable.

Mars, which controls land and real-estate business will be conjunct sun and not helping constructions, buying and selling of new porperties much.
Climate in tropical countries will continue to remain hot till june.

After this period, Jupiter, which controls finances will be moving into mutable airy sign Gemini.

Fire accidents, political instability, scarcity of water and electricity, frequent accidents will be experienced.
Number of suicides will also increase.
Venus conjunct Mars in taurus will increase Rape attempts on women.

Scorpions and Taurans will have tough time convincing their partners and many health issues will resurface this month.
Should avoid taking loans or investing in new business. Can suffer from heavy work and expenditure at work and home.
Will have some sleepless nights towards last week of may.

Pisceans, Aquarians and Sagittarians will see some hectic days towards the end of the month but will be relieved from june.
Librans will suffer from health problems and also will experience fatigue.

Virgo born will be indecisive due to interference of their family and siblings.
Cancerians will have great time till end of this month.
Leo born will also be relieved from work related tensions after may.

Capricorn born will lack control over mind and will be pulled from all directions. They should avoid arguments with their lovers and kids.
Aries born will see good flow of money and will be relaxed at work by end of this month.