Sun Effects in Vilambi Nama Samvatsara (2018-19)

Sun (Surya Graha) is the King for Vedic New Year Vilambi Nama Samvatsara (2018-19) and Dhaanyadhipathi(Cereals).
Sun Vilambi nama samvatsara 2018-19
Sun being the ruler will make people discuss politics more frequently. Political news, formation or evolution of new political parties and equations will be hot topics.
Few parties will try to divide people on basis of race, religion, caste etc to avoid their own defeat.
Most people will vote for parties who protect their religious rights.

Technology will improve and new mobile phones, Apps will emerge. Social media will be active in politics.
Sun being the king will defiitely lead to war or similar situations across the border for many asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Afghanistan and Middle-East.
Terrorists will attack in different disguises, but most of such incidents will be prevented by army and intelligence.
Cyber crime, white collar crime, forgeries, check bounce cases, cheating, loan avasions will increase this year.
More tax and bank related scams will be exposed, which were planned in the past.
More people will buy new houses or invest in real estate. Land rates increases.
Indian government will have a strong foreign policy and when in need, it gets support from many countries.
Government also gives support to new companies and industries.

2018-19 (Vilambi Nama Samvatsaram) is good for fishing business. Those who are into Aquaculture can make good profits this year.
Also Dairy business will pickup. Unemployment problem continues in USA, Europe, Pakistan, Bangladesh and few north states of India.
Agriculture (dry crops) will do good.
Anti corruption bureau, CBI will expose more financial crimes and more white collar criminals, corrupt officials will go to jail.
Rice Mills will have new rules and export of rice increases.
Food will be liberally donated.

Birth of premature babies increases. Also, there will be increase in number of divorces, kidnaps, suicides, death in accidents this year.
Hindus lack protection in Nepal. 2018 Summer will be the hottest of recent years. Weather forecast can fail multiple times.
Delhi and north India can experience earth quake in 2018.
More endangered bird species will go extinct this year.

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