Effects of Venus Benefic or Malefic in Horoscope

Venus Sukra benefic maleficHow to know if planet Venus Benefic or Malefic in individual or mundane horoscope chart
Venus in Vedic Astrology rules over your marital and sexual life, relation with spouse and their appearance, behaviour, relation with females, daughter(s), mother (if born during day time), taste of food and beverages, comforts, lifestyle, glamour, charisma etc.
Venus stays in each sign for about 1 month (except for retrograde motion twice an year) and usually takes 1 year to complete a zodiac cycle.
In General, Venus is benefic to people born in ascendants (lagna or rising sign) of Gemini (Mithuna), Virgo (Kanya), Libra (Thula), Capricorn (Makara) and Aquarius (Kumbha).

Effects of Venus Benefic in your Horoscope

Wealthy people who maintain a luxurious lifestyle, movie and television stars, artists, models, fashion designers, intellectuals who influence society with their speech or writings, politicians with charisma have benefic Venus.
They have sharp brains and can think faster than normal. Matured decisions, spontaneity are their plus points.
They grow from a very low or normal stage to big strage in life. Though they taste everything in life, they will not get addicted to anything.
Few will collect antique jewelry, modern electronics to exhibit their taste and class.
They do not care about small things like attending weddings, wishing friends and relatives on their birthdays, remembering anniversaries etc.
Their spouse and children can neither understand nor control them.
Few will show more affection towards daughter(s) then son(s).
Their acts will have selfish motives and they will adapt to changing trends and generations.
They will be highly disciplined, punctual and expect the same from their colleagues.
These people can only give assurances of help through words but not through deeds.
They do not care about maintaining relations with friends and relatives.
Financial crimes, white collar offences, international mafia, stock exchange investments etc are dealt with ease.
Few will become glamorous babas or gurus who have no spiritual power but can convince millions with their speeches.
As long as they do not get into extra marital affairs, their lifestyle and professional success will be good.
Although they lack moral values, honesty etc, they tend to help women when situation arises.

Effects of Venus Malefic in your Horoscope

Their life will be comfortable since childhood but will suddenly lose all ancestral property when they grow up.
They will acquire skill in either a sport, literature or any creative field but it will not be useful for long time.
They will do good in jobs but not in business.
Their laziness, lack of discipline, addictions will bring their downfall.
Usually they do not try to earn more than required and will continue to have financial hiccups till middle age or even old age.
They will have creative tastes and talents but due to their own mistakes, they never get deserving recognition.
Others will utilize their talents and pay them just enough to meet ends. ( Example : Ghost writers )
Their talent will be used against the society. They can make fake certificates, currency notes, gold, gemstones etc without getting caught.
Indecent talk and behaviour with opposite sex, interfering in every social issue but not daring to find a solution, addiction to alcohol or drugs will defame them.
These people can find multiple excuses to avoid work and if forced, will blame it on others.
They are corrupt but do not demand in excess.
Their kids will have more ‘luck‘ factor than them and will come up in their lives without much of parental help.
Irrespective of their behaviour, laziness and addictions, kids and friends will respect them.
They do not care about losing money in speculation and gambling.