Alzheimer’s disease ayurvedic treatment

Alzheimer's Brain
Germany doctor Alzheimer identified this disease first in 1906 and later it was named after him.
He noticed ‘amyloid plaques’ which appeared like carbohydrates in a woman’s brain, which disturb the communication system in brain.

Symptoms and effects of Alzheimer’s disease : People effected by this disease will start losing memory power because the storage areas in their brain are effected.
It also causes change in behaviour, forgetting names of people, places and items at home.
When this disease grows, it will make the person forget his daily routine like brushing teeth etc.
They will start behaving wierd while talking, will have difficulty in understanding others words and while reading books.

In advanced stages, they will start talking withing themselves, feel threatened by others, will wander aimlessly, restlessness, complain of nightmares, argue with others without proper reason.
These symptoms will be seen more after sunset and as time gets close to midnight.

Alzheimer's Disease affected brain

Ayurveda described few brain related diseases which have common symptoms with Alzheimer’s disease.

How to cure Alzheimer’s disease in ayurveda : Brahmi, Sankha pushpi, vacha, Jatamansi are main herbs used to treat effected brain.
Instead of buying individual herbs and preparing medicines at home, one can buy Aswagandharistha, Saraswatarishta, Smriti Sagaram, Maanasa Mitravati, Brahmivati, Kalyanaka Ghruta etc medicines and try any one of them in limited dose (20-50 gms per day).
Pomegranate juice also helps curing this disease faster.

Also, kerala ayurveda pancha karma massages like Nasya Karma, Sirovasthi, Dhara chikitsa work well and fast on patient.
Its better to identify this disease in early stages and use proper medication along with proper oil massages to brain to get totally cured.

Its better to give good food for brain to kids and make them practice kapalbhati pranayama so that this disease can be avoided in their future.