Ayurvedic Recipes for gaining Weight and Muscle

recipe for gaining fatFew people are born skinny and do not gain mass or muscle weight despite multiple attempts with many types of diets.
Ayurveda suggests natural and home made recipes for gaining weight and muscle within one month.

Recipe No.1:
Food tips:
Avoid eating chocolate, outside food.
Take sesame seeds laddu, blackgram laddus, coconut laddus, handpound unpolished (brown) rice.

atibala (Indian Mallow or Abutilon Indicum)Recipe No.2:
Atibala tailam (oil):
Take Atibala (Indian Mallow or abutilon indicum) leaves, branches and roots. Make piece, dry them and make atibala powder.
Add ¼ kg vasa sticks powder to ¼ kg Atibala powder. Take 50 gm of above powder in a flat glass vessel and add 150 gm sesame oil. Place it in sunshine for 3 days. Then filter oil and store.

Apply to entire body before one hour of bath and gently massage.
Physique will improve to the required size. This is the oil which Gaandhari applied to Duryodhana in Mahabharata before he went to kurukshetra war.
Viswamitra gave atibala and mahabala to Rama and Lakshmana when he trained them to kill the demons in Ramayana.

Recipe No.3:
Cow’s milk : 20 gm
Cow’s ghee : 10 gm
Honey : 20 gm
Candy sugar crystals : 20 gm
Boil milk, cool and add all the above constituents. Take food at 7 pm and take the above milk at 10 pm for one week. Increase the milk by 5 gm after one week and repeat for four weeks.
Weak persons become strong and will build up good personality.

Recipe No.4:
Apply warm sesame seeds oil to the entire body one hour before bath and gently massage.
Weak persons become fat and fat persons become lean to the desired proportion.

Recipe No.5:
a) Take ginger, lemon and honey 1 spoon each for indigestion.
b) Agastya lehyam – one spoon thrice a day.
c) Ayurvedic sambar powder

Recipe No.6:
Take good jowar(Sorghum), barley seeds in equal proportion and fry on low flame separately. Prepare ravva (pounded seeds of jowar and barley) separately and store them separately.
-Take 50 gm ravva of jowar in the morning, boil it in cow’s milk, add 5 or 6 dry grapes, 4 or 5 spoons ghee and take this custard in the morning.
-Repeat the same with 50 gm barley ravva in the night.

Appetite increases and lean persons become fat within four weeks.