Natural Remedies for avoiding Backpain

Back Pain cure in AyurvedaBackpain usually occurs due to awkward seating positions, sudden twisting, wrong/high heel shoes, obesity, wrong innerwear, weaker muscles, stiff bed and irregular work schedule.
However, this can be cured by using few home made ayurvedic recipes which strengthen your back muscles and spinal cord.

Recipe No.1:

Take one spoon Agastya lehyam after breakfast, meals. Good relief from back pain and other stomach problems.

Recipe No.2:

Garlic Vada
Ingredients : Udit dal batter
Garlic paste
Ginger 3 gm
Saindhava lavanam(rock salt) ½ spoon or as per taste.
Prepare Vada out of above. Take one or two daily in breakfast.
Relieves back pain, knee pain.

Recipe No.3:

Ingredients : Badam (Almonds) : 1/4 kg
Soak with hot water to the level of badam overnight.
Khus Khus (cleaned) : ¼ kg (Fry lightly and make powder
Candy Sugar powder (sieved ) to taste.
Mix all the constituents and store in a bottle.
2 spoons morning and evening with hot milk
Back pain is relieved within 40 days. All joints will be strengthened, premature ejaculation is stopped, gets interest in family life.

Tips :

i) Do not work in a single place without moving
ii) Attend to the natural calls immediately without postponement.
iii) Practice kati chakrasanam, Ardha chandrasanam, waist rotation exercise in standing position,
iv) Avoid exposure of back/waist while driving two wheeler.
v) Minimise fan usage and do not sit directly under the ceiling fan.
vi) Avoid drinking too hot or too cold drinks.

Back Pain among Women:
During puberty for the first time, give Blackgram Laddu/Coconut Laddu along with one half coconut full sesame oil for drinking.
No back pain for lifetime.

Recipe No.5:

Ingredients : White rice husk : 1 kg (after sieving)
Old jaggery : 1 kg
Cow Ghee : 1 kg
Pound the above three contents and make 10 gm size laddus. Cool them in shade and store in a bottle.
Take one laddu morning and evening 2 hours before meals/breakfast.
Back pain vanishes in 40 days. Body will become strong.

Recipe No.6:

Ingredients : Banyan tree milk.
Dip one cloth in the milk extracted from banyan tree, in the early morning and tie it around waist for half an hour without formation of wrinkles in the cloth. Cover the entire waist by cloth with somebody’s help.
Old age back pain is relieved.

Recipe No.7:

Ingredients : Black Babool Tree Gum : 100 gm
Fry this in cow’s ghee. Dry and make powder. Add candy sugar 100 gm. Store the powder in glass bottle.
1 spoon morning and evening along with one cup warm milk.
This gum contains fibre and iron in heavy content and Fractured bones will joined within 7 days.
Old person’s back pain is relieved.

Recipe No.8:

Apply voma tailam in warm condition to the back. Massage each vertebra with thumbs with left/right movement. Massage clockwise and anti clockwise around each vertebra of back bone.

Recipe No.9:

Add Calotropis procera (Arka) leaf or Tamarind Leaves to water along with some turmeric (one or two spoons) and steam it. Dip one cotton cloth, squeeze and apply it on the affected part. Massage on back with palm.
Good relief from back pain immediately. Stiff back pain, indigestion, constipation, decrease in Praana shakti, pains during Caesarian operation will subside.

Recpe No.10:

i) Bhujangasana
ii) Anu loma viloma praanayam in Vajraasana
iii) Acupressure points for backbone in hand (on the imaginary line from Web of thumb to fore finger to centre of wrist)