SALT – Home Made Natural Remedies

In Vedic Astrology, Salt is controlled by planet Saturn.
It is a general belief that people with lot of debts (financial or karmic), tend to consume more salt than others.
Salt medicinal uses, Health benefits, to cure Insects in Ears, Snake and Scorpion bites, Fevers induced by Cold, Stomach ache and gas in Stomach, lack of Appetite and Indigestion, disease of Tongue, Cholera, and for Lactating Mothers and also Precautions while consuming Salt.


Salt is the most commonly used but most underrated mineral used in the world today. Common salt consists of sodium chloride (NaCL) to a large extent along with some impurities which impart color to it.

Salt is produced from two major sources, one is sea water (sea salt) and the other is mines (rock salt).Sea water consists of 35 grams of dissolved salts per liter of water. It is produced by evaporating seawater in salt pans and also produced from mining the sedimentary deposits left behind by evaporating sea’s and lakes over the centuries.They can be classified depending on their origin, additives, impurities and uses. Some in use are Aleae salt, Black lava salt, Halite, Himalayan pink salt, Kala Namak, Sea salt, Sel Gris,Truffle salt, Smoked salt.

Other than dietary uses salt also has religious and cultural significance. Hindus use salt for weddings, house warming, and sacrificial offerings. In Jewish religion salted bread is used to do Kiddush for Shabbat. Salt has been used as preservative since ages and also used as currency in the past and the word “salary” is derived from it.

Sodium, a key ingredient of salt is an essential electrolyte which helps muscles and nervous system in the human body function properly. It helps in fluid balance in the body. But excess consumption of salt caused cardiovascular disease and kidney failure. As per World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines adult humans should consume less than 5 grams of salt per day.

Medicinal Uses

  • Insects in Ears
    Occasionally insects get into our ears either while sleeping or resting and cause lot of pain. To get rid of these insects take some salt and neem leaves and grind them together. Extract this juice and put 3 drops in the ear, this will kill the insects and give relief.
  • For Snake and Scorpion bites
    For snake and scorpion bites, make an incision with knife one the bitten area and squeeze the blood out of it. Take some salt and lime and grind them together. Apply the paste on the bitten area. This will neutralize the poison in the affected area and give relief. Scorpion bites can be very painful. Dissolve some salt in warm water, to make a thick brine solution. Pour this water on the bitten area and massage with both hands. This will give relief from pain. The above remedy is only a first aid technique and not a permanent cure. Prompt medical care should be taken from a qualified medical practitioner for Snake and Scorpion bites.
  • For Lactating Mothers
    To increase milk secretion in lactating mothers, salt is an excellent stimulant. Take equal quantities of salt, tygol seeds (Vamu in Telugu and Ajwain in Hindi) and pepper. Grind all of them into a fine powder. Consume 2 grams of this powder twice a day with water. This will give good results.
  • For Stomach ache and gas in Stomach
    Take 5 grams of Himalayan pink salt, 10grams of the skin of pomegranate fruit, and 10grams of dried mint leaves. Grind the above ingredients into a powder and store. Dissolve 3 grams of this powder in water, and drink after meals twice a day. This will cure gastric gas, stomach ache and lack of appetite.
  • For Fevers induced by Cold
    Take equal quantities of salt, pepper powder, and Acalypha Indica (pippintaku) grind them together. Put this powder in a cloth and tie into a bundle. Inhale the smell from this bundle to prevent fevers caused by cold.
  • For lack of Appetite and Indigestion
    Take equal quantities of salt and dried ginger powder and fry them together in a pan. Store this powder, and consume 4 grams of it with rice as the first bite. This will clean the tongue, throat and remove flum from lungs. Also Appetite will increase and indigestion cured.
  • For disease of Tongue
    Take equal quantities of Himalayan pink salt, Saussurea auriculata (Chengalva kostu in Telugu and Kust in Hindi), bark of cultivated liquorice plant (sweet wood in English and Mulethi in Hindi) and pellitory root(Akkala karra). Grind all of the above ingredients with water and make a paste. Apply this paste on the tongue to get rid of all tongue related ailments.
  • For Cholera
    Cholera is infectious and life threatening illness. To cure this disease, Ayurvedam has an excellent remedy. Obtain equal quantities of salt, pepper powder, and madar flowers (Calotropis gigantea). Grind all of them into a fine powder and make into pills. Consume one pill every hour. Consuming 6 pills will cure cholera.

Precautions while consuming Salt

Excess consumption of salt can cause brain damage, seizures and coma. It can also lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Stomach cancer and kidney failure also cannot be ruled out.
Using Himalayan Pink Salt instead of Sea Salt is advisable, both in food and for medicinal uses.