Moon Effects in Vilambi Nama Samvatsara (2018-19)

Moon Vilambi nama samvatsara 2018-19Moon (Chandra Graha) is the Sasyadhipati (Agriculture) and Nirasapdhipati for Vedic New Year Vilambi Nama Samvatsara (2018-19).
Real Estate business will not pickup in many areas. Land rates will increase, compared to past 3 years but there will not be enough buyers.
Rainfall will be unusual. Few places will experience heavy rains, while it will not rain at all in few other areas.
Farmers will struggle with multiple problems.
Tobacco business will go down. Few tobacco exporters will become bankrupt.

When Chandra Graha controls agriculture, untimely rains and natural calamities will destroy seasonal crops.
Vegetables growing under the soil, like onions, potatoes, peanuts will be grown in excess.
Adulteration in seeds and pesticides will effect food production.
Dairy products will be in demand and their prices will increase.
Present generation will show very less interest in agriculture. Governments will approve plans for agriculture but climate will disapprove.
Few of them will sell or lose lands and decide to quit agriculture forever.

Youth achievements will increase. Unemployment will increase in many countries.
Few technical courses like engineering will lose popularity and many colleges can be shutdown.
Most youth will lose confidence in system and government.
Racism, casteism, regional differences can rob oppurtunities from worthy people.
Few will be benefited due to these differences and government policies, but they will not be able to utilize oppurtunities properly.
Rice mills and exporters can experience troubles due to administration.

China, Taiwan will be hit by earthquake. USA will be again hit by natural calamities like floods and cyclones.
Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines etc asia-pacific islands will also be hit by natural calamities.
Indian Ocean will experience cyclones, sea disputes between countries.
Pakistan and Western states of India like Gujarat will suffer in second half of 2018. Accidents on road and in air will increase.