Saturn Effects in Vilambi Nama Samvatsara (2018-19)

Saturn Vilambi nama samvatsara 2018-19Saturn (Sani Graha) is the Minister for Vedic New Year Vilambi Nama Samvatsara (2018-19).
Anti Constitutional activities will increase in India. Few organizations will take advantage of their caste, religion, minority status and promote anti-establishment activities among youth.
Government policies, orders will be good on paper but fail in implementations due to corrupt officials.
Politicians will degrade themselves to gain popularity.

When Sani Graha becomes Minister among Navanayaka, robberies, crime, rapes will increase.
Police will be kept busy with more cyber crimes. Youth will develop tendencies to become criminals for silly reasons.
Financial and white collar crimes will also increase this year.
Road, rail, air accidents will be very high during 2018-19.
Diplomacy will fail and India-Pakistan can go to war.
Governments will make new laws to protect wild life, cattle and control pollution.

Illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar will continue to trouble India.
Bengal will suffer and Mamata Banerjee will lose popularity.
NRIs will suffer in USA and Europe. Duplicate civil servants will increase.
‘Honor’ killings will increase and so will suicides. Indian economy will struggle and so will economies of many european countries and USA.
Canada will slowly become hub of extremists.
Germany and Australia will face financial crisis.
Poultry industry goes down in business.

Many countries will try to hide actual financial condition from their citizens. Stock markets will remain volatile. Many Banks will be on the verge of closure.