Heart Attacks and Diseases – Reasons in horoscope

Heart Attack planets in astrologyHeart place is controlled by 4th and 5th houses in your horoscope and, planets in Cancer sign, sublords of 3rd, 4th and 5th cusps and significators of fourth and fifth houses(K.P), combinations and aspects of sun with jupiter or saturn.

  • Malefic planets placed in 4th house, debilitated planets in 4th house or in cancer sign can cause frequent chest pain.
  • If 4th lord or sublord is occupying 8th house and 4th lord is combust by being conjunct with sun, person will have weak heart
  • Malefic placed in both 4th and 5th houses of a horoscope or placed in cancer and leo signs.
  • In Navamsa chart, 4th lord(of rasi chart) occupies enemic houses or conjunct malefic planets will give frequent mental disturbances and heart pain.
  • Rahu or Ketu in 4th house or occupying cancer sign in horoscope will give gas trouble which weakens heart. If saturn is conjunct one of them, then it will be uncontrollable.
  • If moon is debilitated or occupies saturn’s house in both rasi and navamsa charts, heart will be weak.
    This person will collapse on hearing bad or shocking news
  • Saturn and Sun conjunction in 4th or 5th house or aspecting them, will cause low blood pressure and weak heart. These persons panic easily under crisis and few of them will faint easily
  • 6th lord occupying 4th or 5th house or cancer/leo signs in a chart will cause frequent pain in chest.
  • Mars and Saturn in 4th house or in cancer sign and if aspected by jupiter will give weak nervous system and weak heart
  • If mercury is in 1st house and if sun and saturn occupy or aspect 6th house, person will suffer from heart diseases.
  • If Rahu is conjunct moon in 1st or 7th house and if saturn occupies either of 1,4,7,10 houses, person’s heart will be weak
  • Jupiter and Sun conjunction in 4th or 5th house or aspecting them, will cause high blood pressure and heart attacks. Some of them will suddenly get an attack while driving and they collapse.
  • If sun is in scorpio and a weak mars is conjunct or aspected by jupiter, person will spend money on treating his heart diseases for long term
  • If 5th lord is debilitated or occupying 8th house or is conjunct with 8th lord in either of 6,8,12 houses, heart will be weak.
  • If 5th lord is combust by sun, heart will become weak.
  • Sun in aquarius will also cause weak heart.
  • If sun is 6th lord(for pisces ascendants) and occupies 4th house, then heart attack chances are more.
  • A weak ascendant lord conjunct with Rahu in 4th house or in cancer sign, will give fear of death through heart attacks.
  • If 5th sublord is primary signficator of 4th house, then this person will hear frequent heart breaking news, especially during the dasa operated by 5th sublord or other planet aspected by this 5th sublord.
    Usually such persons will have repeated setbacks in their love affairs and this will make their heart weak as age grows.
    Their kids will also become cause for heart breaking news in old age.
  • Saturn occupying leo is one of the reasons for heart pain and if Sun occupies Aquarius in same chart, then this person has more chances to die from heart attack.