Libra Ascendant (Thula Lagna) – Vimsottari dasas and results

Libra AscendantPeople born under Libra Ascendant (Thula Lagna) will have favorable period during Saturn, Mercury, Mars and Venus dasas according to Vedic Astrology.
Sun and Jupiter dasas give unfavorable results, while Moon, Rahu and Ketu dasas give partially succesfull results.

During a highly favorable 19 years of saturn (sani) dasa, you will gain ancestral property. Will also gain properties under litigation.
Small business will slowly spread into big industry. Mass attraction, political power, victory in competitions will be seen.
There will be obstacles but you will overcome them easily.
Mental and Physical strength will be at its peak.
People working in airforce, airlines, aeronautical engineering will have prosperous period.
You will help friends and relatives.
Will also take up responsibility of siblings and upbringing of family.
Except finance business, all other businesses will flourish during sani mahardasa.
Will be less philanthropic but will have good name in society.
Parents will be satisfied with your progress.
Few will discover new things. Writers will publish new books after some research or about social problems.
For more favorable saturn dasa, feed bread or rotis made of wheat flour to black color dogs.

During favorable 17 years of mercury (budha) dasa, many will become famous for their knowledge. Political circle will spread and you will be noticed for your political tactics.
Businesses related to food, dairy will flourish.
Court cases and litigations will bother to some extent.
One such case can extend for long term.
Foreign travel and job/business in foreign countries will prove to be beneficial.
Relatives will no co-operate and few will develop jealousness on you without reason.
But you will reach higher positions with your own efforts.
Hard earned money will be lost to some extent.
Speakers will become more popular for their speeches and command over the subjects.
You will try to bring harmony among your co-workers but you cannot escape few blames.
Family matters will be resolved but with some conflicts.
Writers will become famous but their works will be controversial.
Skin and digestive system related diseases will bother for a while but overall dasa will give satisfaction.

During 7 years of Mars(kuja) dasa, you will eliminate or suppress all your enemies.
Controversial issues will turn favorable for you.
You will create disputes between your enemies and weaken them.
You will also face disputes with your spouse but you will compromise with them without taking them too further.
Spouse will become biggest hurdle to reach peaks in your profession.
Real estate, agriculture, political issues will be profitable.

During 10 years of Moon (chandra) dasa, lost money will be recovered.
Relation with mother will influence and effect your life.
Interests in dance, literature, cinema, drama, music etc will help you make noticeable progress in those fields.
Close persons will become hurdles to your freedom.
This will irritate you and stop you from offering your help to them.
Philanthrophy will be a secret for you.

During 18 years of Rahu dasa, 70% results will be in your favour but few of your near and dear will pass away and cause some agony to you.

Ketu dasa of 7 years will also be favorable but you will chose spiritual or religious path.
You will gain enough knowledge about ancient scripts, religion and spirituality.
Few will get attracted towards other religions and will also change their faith.
Few will fall in trap of fake gurus and get cheated.

During unfavorable 6 years of Sun (Ravi) dasa, health problems, temporary loss of power and prestige, loss in business, cheating by partners, fake documents robbing you from your ancestral properties, defamation, criminal cases, seperation from spouse will be experienced.
To reduce ill-effects of this dasa, performing Rudra Paasupata Homam once in a year is best remedy.

During unfavorable 16 years of Jupiter (Guru) dasa, financial problems, pressure for repayment of loans, health problems, continous disputes with everyone, loss of assets and gold, differences with spouse are possible.
Few will permanently seperate from spouse and even go for divorce.
Kids will go out of control.
Insults and suspiscion among family and relatives will cause ternsions.
If unmarried, you will lose many oppurtunities to marry because of your attitude.
You will gain sympathy but not love.
Will be respected for being a good person but no help will be offered at personal level.
Tootache, diabetes, infections etc health problems will bother throughout the dasa.
To overcome few of these bad effects, performing Sudarsana Homam is best remedy.

During 20 years of Venus (Sukra) dasa, many will marry the person they loved.
Good kids, confortable family life, stable job or business, increase in income, properties from parents or in-laws will be written in your name and they will be useful for investments in new business.
Siblings and cousins will be helpful but at home you will be bound by few decisions of your spouse against your wish.
Business in foreign countries will prove to be profitable.
More income will be seen from businesses in foreign countries.
Students will have great progress in higher education, especially in overseas.
Students will also have good results in competitive examinations.
You will have close relations with people in power.
Health related issues will bother.
Few ailments related to genital organs will trouble during this disease.
Taking advises of women will be helpful in career related issues.