Moon Effects in Manmadha Nama Samvatsara (2015-16)

Moon effects in manmadha nama samvatsaraMoon is the Commander-in-Chief for the vedic new year Manmadha Nama Samvatsara (2015-16).
Moon (Chandra), the controller of 64 art forms lacks discipline and is unfit to act as Commander-in-Chief.
Minor disputes will lead to big clashes and loss of human lives.
Leaders with political power will experiences problems with their own relatives.
Disputes between countries, states will increase this year.
Taxes will be less at work and more in wastage or corruption.

More ships will sink in oceans this year along with airplanes.
Water will be cause of many accidental deaths. Lunatics will increase and suicides, depression, emotional outburst will become normal among many.
Psychriatrists will be in demand. Child criminals will also increase.
Children running away from home, lovers eloping to unknown places, men deserting their wives will be seen.

Corruption will not reduce. Money from swiss bank accounts will not be recovered.
Women will dominate men in many fields, including crime.
Influential people will appoint wrong advisors.
Increase in crime rate is attributed to influence of internet, cinema and television on youth.
Cyclones, tsunamis will effect coastal states and island countries.
People who look attractive will commit more crimes in 2015-16.

Moon controls water and rainfall in Manmadha Nama Samvatsara (2015-16).
Water makes more profit compared to milk.
Afghanistan and Pakistan will have tough time handling climate and international pressures regarding terrorism.
More rainfall in cities and less in agricultural lands this year.
More clouds, thunderbolts but less rainfall.
These thunderbolts will kill cattle and turn ancient buildings into ruins.

2015 summer will also be hotter than 2014 and more bird and fish species will become extent this year.

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