Venus Effects in Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara (2017-18)

Venus hevilambi nama samvatsara 2017-18Venus is the Dhanyadhipathi (controls food, cereals, seeds) for Vedic New Year Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara (2017-18).
Food production will increase. Rice and Wheat will become more costlier. Cyclones will hit agriculture.
Women will dominate men in many areas of work.
Spices and all types of grains will become more expensive.

More number of women will start new businesses and succeed.
Women will make their nations proud.
But in Asia, death of one popular woman leader can lead to chaos political situation.
Crime on women will increase. More number of sex slaves will be captured and killed in central asia.
China, Bangladesh, South America, Pakistan, Africa, New Zealand, Australia will experience tough days.
Population ratio of Men will increase. Men in cities of countries like Japan, China, India will chose to remain single.
Dating websites will increase. Online love affairs, marriages will prove to be a disaster.
Inter-religion marriages will end up taking lives of women.

Homeopathy and Ayurveda will gain more popularity.
Research done on ancient literature reveals that ayurveda can cure most of the modern diseases.

Music lovers can expect some great compositions to be heard during 2017-18.
Newbies will make hit movies, while established stars can struggle to meet expectations.

Japan will manufacture weapons in large scale. Usage of drugs will increase in many cities.
Pakistan military can take over Nawaz Sharif government.
Bangladesh and Myanmar will become new headaches for India.
alcoholism will also increase. More number of teenagers will either be caught in drunk and drive cases or die in road accidents.
Explosions in chemical factories will cause heavy loss of lives and money.