Ayurvedic recipes to increase Brain Power and Memory

Brain PowerRecipe No.1:
Sompu/Sombu (Aniseed) seeds : 100 gm (Fry on sim flame, add 4 drops ghee, pound and make powder and sieve).
Candy sugar powder : 100 gms
Mix both powders and store. Take 1/4 to 1/2 spoon and chew for a while and then drink water.
One hour gap should be given before or after food.
Lost Memory will be regained. mental problems will be resolved. Digestion improves.

Recipe No.2:
Badam : 4 Nos. for children and 7 Nos. for elders.
Soak badam seeds in hot water in the morning. At 9 pm peel the top skin and pound the seeds. Add 2 pepper grains for children and 4 Nos pepper grains for elders after pounding. Mix the above and add to one cup of milk after 3 times boiling.
Sieve the milk, add candy sugar to taste.
Drink the milk for 100 days.
Brain power improves infinitely, memory improves, wisdom improves, concentration improves, grasping power improves.

Recipe No.3:
i) Gnana mudra
ii) Bhramari praanaayaama (2 to 3 min) with long ‘ma’ kaara
iii) Bhastrika praanaayama
iv) Acupressure: Press and release thumbs of both hand 200 times.
v) Traatak Karma : 10 min
vi) Omkara : 2 to 5 min.

Recipe No.4:
Aswagandha powder : 100 gms
Old Jaggery : 100 gm
Mix both and pound. Take 10 gm about 1 spoon) morning and evening.
Brain power improves.

Recipe No.5:
Saraswati leaf powder : 100 gm
Aswagandha powder : 100 gm.
Atimadhuram / Yashti Madhuka powder : 100 gm
Candy sugar : 100 gm.
Mix all the four contents and store.
Take 1/4 to 1/2 spoon two times a day. Can be taken with warm milk/warm water and chew for a while.
For small children it can be mixed with little honey and the baby can lick with our finger.

Recipe No.6:
Saraswati leaves : 2 Nos.
Take the leaves with 1/2 spoon honey or one spoon cow’s ghee two times a day.
Blood gets purified, liver, spleen purifies, brain power improves enormously