Violet color treatment for common diseases

Sir Issac Newton discovered that solar rays have 2 colors, VIBGYOR(Violet, Indigo, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green) in it during 17th century but thousands of years back indian sages wrote in Rig Veda about 7 colors of sunrays.

Suryasya saptarassibhi (Rig Veda 8-72-16)
Saptvaaharitoradevahantidevasurya (Rig Veda 1-50-8)

These slokas in rig veda describe that sun drives a chariot which has his rays as 7 colored horses.
Sun temples built in konark etc. places in india are seen with 7 colored horses chariot.

Violet color formationviolet color water treatment

Violet color can be formed by mixing Red and Blue colors in the ratio of 5:8 respectively.
This violet color from sunrays can be used to treat many common health ailments.

Red creates heat and energy, where as Blue generates coolness and calmness.
By mixing these 2 colors, we can balance these energies.
In our body, mind, nervous system, heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, liver always need to be energised, if not, their functioning will be weak leading to diseases.
So we need to supply this violet color energy to those parts.

Preparation of Violet color energy water

Take a glass and measure its diameter.
In 5:8 ratio, stick red and blue color papers on its outer surface as in picture here.
Fill this glass with water and close it with an opaque lid and place it under sunlight from sunrise till sunset.
Through those colored papers, sunrays enter and violet color’s energy is added to this water.
Store this glass and depending on health issues and severity, consume 0.5 to 1 ounce twice a day.

Advantages of violet color energised water consumption :

  • Mental problems like frustration, stress, irritation will reduce and mind will allow sound sleep.
  • Red blood cells will be generated so that anemia and low blood pressure will be controlled.
  • Liver and gall bladder will be cleaned so that jaundice can be prevented
  • Digestion power will increase and indigestion, constipation will be controlled.
  • All womb related diseases of women will be controlled.
  • Intestines will be cleaned so that piles etc diseases will be prevented.
  • Massaging with this violet color energised water on scalp will remove dandruff, stop hairfall.
  • Pitutary gland will be activated and all other glands will function normally
  • Electro chemical energy in this water will help concentration, mental peace so that person can practice meditation with ease